The Best Wireless Car Charger Mount For 2021

Ontario, 5th April 2021

If you’ve recently upgraded your smartphone to one that has wireless charging capabilities, then you most probably have a wireless charger in your home or office. You’ll also know how convenient it is to have a dedicated place for your phone that automatically tops up its battery without the need to plug in a cable. Although it’s still not really wireless, once you have experienced this degree of freedom it’s kind of hard to go back to using wires. It’s just really that convenient.

It would also be more useful in your car in the form of a car charger mount. If you haven’t already, you might want to consider switching to a wireless car charger mount, especially if you use GPS navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze every time you’re behind the wheel. Right off the bat, two reasons are the most obvious. First, it makes driving safer by providing an ideal place to rest our phones. Second, our phones get charged automatically when placed on the mount. But before we get to the wireless car charger mount, let's talk in-depth about:

  • Why you should get a wireless car charger
  • What to look for in a wireless car charger mount
  • What features does our wireless car charger mount have

This will help you in choosing the right car charger mount for you. 

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Why Get A Wireless Car Charger?

The main reason to get a car mount is for road safety. Car mounts let us concentrate on driving and minimize the risks posed by having your eyes off the road and hands off the wheel for too long. A car charger on the other hand gives us convenience and peace of mind by keeping our phones charged even when we’re on the go. This is more obvious when using a navigation app for long drives as this takes up a lot of power. Having these two in one accessory takes this to another level by providing the safety of a car mount and the convenience of a wireless charger. We won’t have to remember to plug our phones every time we  get in the car. Plus, this takes the burden off our phone’s charging port and the USB cable. Over time and repeated use, the wires will degrade and fray. If it’s left in place, it will surely last longer. 

Navigation Apps Use A Lot Of Power

Have you ever wondered why navigation apps use a lot of power? The answer is really simple but may not be obvious - anytime any hardware on our phones is running, it will require power. 

When using a navigation app, our phone’s screen and radio are constantly working. This means more power consumption but lets see exactly why.

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How Phone Screens Work

The main component of smartphones that drains the battery is the screen. It’s the centerpiece of the device and naturally uses up the most power. Any time our phone’s screen is on, it’s using power to run. The resolution of the display plays a part in battery consumption. A QHD screen has 77% more pixels than a FHD screen. Those individual pixels require power to run and the more of them there are, the more power they consume. Higher brightness levels also drain your phone’s battery faster. When we’re using a navigation app during the day, the screen will automatically adjust brightness levels so we can see what it’s trying to display. Another factor of battery drain is screen refresh rate. Higher refresh rates require more computing power and therefore more battery life. That’s why so many power saving features are geared towards making the screen less power hungry. We have FHD mode on QHD screens, brightness lowering and/or limiting, lower/adaptive screen refresh rates, and even dark mode. With these combined we can squeeze out a few more hours of battery life. But the bottom line is, if our screen is on, it requires power. Even if it’s just completely black, the display panel needs to run and tell the screen to show black. 

How Phone Radios Work

The second factor in battery drain is connections. Cellular signal, mobile data, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, all of these require the use of your phone’s radio and therefore energy to run. They periodically check for connections and over the course of the day, these things add up. Now, you might be tempted to switch to airplane mode but it won’t really make that much of a difference, unless you have a weak signal. In this scenario, these connections actively try to look for better and stronger signals more often. If you have a strong signal, keeping these connections on won’t really matter. When no apps are actively running, they won’t put a huge dent on your phone’s power. The opposite can be said when an app requires the constant use of your phone’s radio. 

Three Can Get Greedy

The one activity that greatly drains the battery life of your smartphone is navigation. Here, our phones use a combination of 3 of the most power hungry hardware and services in order to guide your way. First off, any navigation app will keep our phone’s screen on. Otherwise, it would be difficult to effectively follow the voice instructions. The second reason is that our phones are always using mobile data. It’s necessary to download maps and traffic data. The third is that the GPS chip is always running. Location services are necessary to pinpoint our exact location. With all these three things running full time while we’re navigating, they definitely put a huge strain on your battery. That’s why it’s a good idea to charge our smartphones when using a navigation app. A wireless car charger can keep our phone’s battery topped off even when in use.

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What To Look For In A Wireless Car Charger Mount

Car mounts come in all shapes, sizes and configurations. Some people prefer a dashboard mount while others like an air vent mount. The former provides a more stable base and is compatible with more vehicles. Air vent mounts can also provide a stable base as long as the air vent clips are sturdy enough. A good car vent mount will have a locking mechanism so they don’t fall off together with your phone. Do note that not all air vent mounts are compatible with all air vents. Whichever you prefer make sure that the base of your mount is stable enough to support your device. 

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Next, you’ll have to consider the grips on the phone holder. Typical phone mounts can have a tension grip, gravity fed grip, or a magnetic plate. For wireless car chargers, tension grips are the way to go. They give you room to adjust your phone’s placement on the mount. This is necessary to line up the charging coils on the wireless charger and your device. Since the wireless phone chargers are powered, some even come with automatic grips, taking away the tediousness of prying open the grips to mount and unmount your phone. Gravity fed grips won’t allow you to adjust your phone’s placement and may result in inefficient wireless phone charging. Magnetic mounts require you to place a metal plate on your device or phone case. This metal plate may also interfere with the wireless charging so are not advisable. 

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Lastly, you have to make sure that the wireless car charger is Qi certified. The Qi standard means that you can charge any Qi enabled phone on any Qi wireless car charger. This also means that the wireless charger has passed the safety requirements of the Qi standard so as not to damage your phone or the charger when in normal use. You also need fast charging to cope with the power demands of navigation apps. Typical USB-C ports can deliver more power than a regular type-A USB port for that fast charging speed you will need. It should also come with a type-C USB port and USB-C cable. With this, you can have safe and fast wireless phone charging on the go.

A Feature Packed Wireless Car Charger Mount

Now that you know what to look for in a wireless phone charging mount, let’s look at how the Fast Wireless Car Charger Phone Mount stack up against your expectations. This fast wireless car charger and phone holder has all the best technologies rolled into one sleek and sturdy package. Let’s check out its awesome features. 

Advanced Automation

Tension arms in typical phone mount grips can be a hassle especially if the tension is too strong. It does provide a firm grip to ensure your phone doesn’t slip off the mount but it can make mounting and unmounting your phone a struggle. The Automatic Grip Cradle Fast Qi Wireless Charger Dashboard & Air Vent Mount features advanced automation technology that makes this so convenient. Just a tap on the highly sensitive touchpad releases the grips so you can easily mount your phone. Once it detects that your phone is mounted, it automatically gips your device securely. Plus, the grips are wide enough that it can accommodate even an iPhone 12 Pro Max or a Samsung S21 Ultra with a phone case on.

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Unlike other car mounts, this has foldable foot stands that help support your phone to keep it firmly in place. If you don’t find it necessary, you can just fold it back and tuck it in to get it out of the way. But what it also does is It provides a resting place for your phone when the grips are released. That’s because the release is automated too. A push of a button on the side that’s easily accessible is all you need and you can get your phone from the mount hassle free. The foot stands can make sure that your phone doesn’t accidentally drop to your car’s floor when you unmount it. 

Now this car mount requires power to run the automated grip system. So what if you’ve already shut off the car’s engine but forgot to take your phone out of the car mount first? A simple pull and twist of the phone will release it from the specially designed grips. It won’t damage your phone or the mount and you don’t need to turn on your car again. 

Qi Wireless Technology

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By now, you know how much navigation apps drain our phone’s batteries. If you regularly use a navigation app, then you definitely need a wireless car charger that’s capable of fast charging your Qi compatible iPhone or Samsung device while you get directions. Our fast wireless car charger is Qi certified and delivers convenient, safe, and fast charging. 

Safety Is A Priority

This fast charging phone mount has a host of safety features that protect your iPhone or Android phone. Sensors detect potential hazards to your phone such as overheating, over or under voltage, over current, and foreign object detection. In the event that one of these things happens, it will automatically shut off wireless charging. This ensures that your iPhone or Android phone stays safe because the last thing you want is worrying if your phone might short out while you’re charging it. If you’re particular about over charging your phone, just press and hold the release button for 3 seconds to turn off wireless charging manually. This can help extend your phone’s battery life.

Fast Wireless Phone Charging

Fast charging has come a long way in a short amount of time. Charging via a USB-C cable can now deliver power up to 50 watts and beyond for ultra fast charging speeds. Wireless phone charging speeds can’t go as high as cabled charging but are enough for practical uses. It’s only recently that phones are capable of more than 10 watt wireless charging. It’s important to note that in order to achieve the fastest charging speed for your phone, your charger (in this case, a car adapter), USB cable, and charging pad should be able to deliver the power that your phone may need. To achieve this, our wireless charger car mount comes with a Quick Charge 3.0 car adapter and USB-C cable. This means it can deliver up to 10 watts of fast wireless charging. Do note that only the iPhone 12 is capable of up to 15 watts wireless charging. Older iPhones can only wirelessly charge up to 7.5 watts. 

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Optimal positioning of the charging coil is also essential to get the most efficient charge possible. This means that the charging coil on the wireless charger has to line up with the charging coil on your device. Otherwise, your phone will be charging at a slower rate. With other wireless charger car mounts, this can be a problem. Because of the type of grips on phone holders and different sizes of iPhones and other smartphones, their charging coils may not always line up properly. Well, with our wireless car charger, that won’t be the case. The wireless charging function of this car mount has an adjustment for the position of the charging coil at the back. Whether you’re using an iPhone 12 Mini or an iPhone 12 Pro Max, you can adjust the position of the charging coil to line up with your device.

The Power To Choose

With the included vent clip and dash mount you have the power to choose where you want to place your car phone mount. Using the air vent clip is easy and lets you transfer the mount to any of your vehicles. It has a locking mechanism to keep it firmly attached to your car’s air vent. The dash mount has an adjustable height so you can have the best possible view of the road and your device. If you decide to use the dash mount, just remember to let the adhesive set for 24 hours before using it. With the Automatic Grip Cradle, you get to choose how to mount your phone. Other phone mounts only give you one option. 

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Proper Phone Mount Placement

Don’t forget that when choosing a place to put your mount, you need to have an unobstructed view of the road. Also, you should place the mount where you can have easy access to and a clear view of your device. It should be within your reach and clearly visible with a short glance so as not to distract you from driving. Another tip for phone mount placement is making sure it doesn’t cover any of your center console’s knobs and buttons. 

Whichever way you want to mount it, the wireless charging car phone mount has a wide range of tilt to give you the best viewing angle of your phone. You can also rotate it to landscape orientation to make more room to access your car’s instrument cluster. With either option, you get a stable base that securely grips your phone, gives you easy access to it, and lets you wirelessly charge it. 

The Perfect Charging + Mounting Solution For You

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The humble car phone mount is a device that lets your phone rest in the optimum position for maximum visibility and accessibility but it doesn’t have to be so drab. It should provide you with a safe place to hold your phone while keeping it’s battery full and offer the best possible convenience you’d expect from a premium device. With its automated mounting, safety features, and fast wireless charging speed, this wireless charger mount packs a lot of features and is the perfect charging & mounting solution for your smartphone.