Bike Phone Mount

 Introducing our latest product, the bike phone mount series! Through careful study and designing we have come up with a number of different bicycle phone mount options for you to keep your phone handy and in place when on bike rides. Our phone mount bike are designed for effortless access and a sturdy grip no matter how rough the terrain you plan to adventure on. With both strap and clamp options of each design, let us introduce you to our new bike mount for phone products. All Mighty Mount's cell phone bike mounts are universally compatible with all phone models such as iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, and  other older Samsung Galaxy devices & older Apple iPhone models, among others. They are also compatible with all Caseco's eco friendly phone cases as well as other manufacturers.



Clamp vs Strap Phone Mounts For Bikes

Each of the 4 types of bike mount phone products we have, as listed below, comes in a clamp version and a strap version. What's the difference? Simply a difference in the included base that attaches to your bike. The strap bicycle phone holders are an adjustable silicon belts that can be tightened and secured onto your bike’s frame by simply pulling the strap through the buckle. The material of the strap ensures that the bicycle phone mount won't slip and slide around when you're riding about. The clamp phone holders for bicycles have an adjustable plastic arm. The clamp cell phone bike holder is attached to your bike’s frame by simply placing the clamp in the desired location, turning the skewer lock to tighten the hold then snapping it closed for a sturdy hold.



Simpl Touch Phone Mount for Bike

For a more minimalistic look, you can get this magnetic phone holder for bike. The Simpl Touch magnetic bike phone mount consists of a magnetic base to easily attach your phone with no extra parts in the way. Included with the bike phone case holder is a VUP silicone mount which is placed before the magnetic base and attaches to your phone's corners for extra support to make sure your phone stays in place the whole trip. The magnetic phone mount for bicycle allows for easy access and adjustable viewing angles for your convenience. 



MagSafe Magnetic Bike Cell Phone Holder

Like the Simpl Touch magnetic bike phone holder, the MagSafe bike mount is also a minimalistic magnetic bicycle phone holder with a simple design and a strong magnetic base to hold your phone. The phone holder for bikes however is compatible with Apple's latest iPhone models with its MagSafe feature. The MagSafe magnetic iPhone mount for bikes is made up of strong magnets that will quickly and easily snap your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 right into place for a secure hold. It also includes a VUP silicone mount for extra support on rougher terrain. 



Simpl Grip Bike Phone Holders

Of our options, the Simpl Grip bicycle phone mount are a step up from the Simpl Touch phone mount for bikes when it comes to supporting your phone. This phone mount for bike is perfect for medium-sized phones and all types of cases. The two supporting grips on either side of the mount tightly hold your phone in place with one button for quick and easy release. The VUP silicon is also provided for extra support on rougher roads. 



Simpl Cradle Phone Bike Holder

The Simpl Cradle phone holder for bike offers the most support out of all of our phone holders for bikes. These phone holder for bike are perfect for bigger phones or phones with thicker cases that may be heavier. This phone holder for bicycles has two grips on either side or two additional foldable clasps at the bottom to support the extra weight of your phone. This phone holder for a bike, too, has one button to release your phone for easy access. With the additional support from the VUP silicon mount, your phone isn't going anywhere. Enjoy your journey, navigate at ease, and have a clear view of your screen whenever you need it.