Where To Mount Phone In Car While Driving?

Ontario, 15th March 2021

Mounts have become essential tools for the modern driver as it offers a hands free approach. This has become the go-to system in place of the more expensive GPS. However, with so many kinds of mounts to choose from, it may be daunting to choose the best way to use one on the console or where to mount phone in car. The initial step to choosing which kind you can use, is to find out where you can place your device and which mounting option would best suit you.

New York is a well known place that has a ban on handling an iPhone or having a mounting of any gadget while driving. Many states, depending on its location, actually followed suit. Although currently the bans in many states actually depend on the regulations passed by its legislators and the severity of its sanctions there is a need to know where best to position your navigational unit.

Have you ever wondered where is the best place in the car to mount a cell phone? Let’s take a look at where best to mount your phone and what type of mounts that may best suit your preference.

The Windshield

Most people would want to put their car mounts in front of them. It’s a natural tendency to want to have things upfront and the windshield may be the most common location to attach a smartphone to that is why we offer you our Winshield Phone Mount Collection. It is eye-leveled to allow the driver to see the device while looking at the road. However, the position may block a bit of that forward visibility leading it to be banned in some states in the past and limiting the mounting options.

windshield mount


SIMPL TOUCH Magnetic Flexible Gooseneck Dash And Windshield Mount

After it was legalized in some states, the window mount has become the preference of people who think adhering the base to glass gives it more stability. Since some cars have leathery and an uneven dashboard surface, some drivers prefer to put their smartphone on a mount that is deemed more stable.



You can check out Simpl Touch Flexible Gooseneck Dash & Windshield Magnetic Cell Phone Holder For Car and discover its dual function offers a more diversified use and an option to shift between the two spots. You can opt to have a cased iPhone or Android mounted as it works well even if you’re using one. 

Magnetic Dash & Windshield Mount Holder

simpl touch

Mounting features is easy with 6 neodymium magnets, this magnetic phone car mount will keep your phone mounted and exactly where you need it. Prop it up on your dash or let it hang by your windshield, its wide range of tilt and rotation will make driving and navigation via phones a breeze. Install it and rely on the safety you’ll feel immediately.

The Dashboard

A dashboard phone mount would best fit drivers who prefer propping their smartphone onto the console instead of by the windshield. This type is most comparable to the GPS systems that were popular in the early 2000s. It could also be the best choice for people living in states that have yet to lift the ban on phones on windshield attachments. These typically windshield mounts can actually be converted to dash mounts by adding an adhesive puck that works together with the suction base.

Car dash mount

While many drivers may avoid this as they wouldn’t want to damage their dashboard, there are some advantages of the dashboard mount over the windshield mount. One important advantage is the ability of the driver to interact with the phone easily as it is closer. It can also circumvent the standing windshield citations on obstruction.

SIMPL TOUCH Magnetic Dash Mount

simpl touch

This Magnetic Dashboard Phone Holder For Car is inconspicuous and tiny but is reliable and tough for just anyone who wants to place their smartphone on their dashboard. If you have a case then this tiny mount can definitely be an easy choice for you as it offers a quick and easy propping and take off without impairing view. And don’t worry that having a case will make it difficult to use. There are 6 Neodymium Magnets that will keep your phone stuck to that car mount. Easy attachment and easy take off will make you the saviest driver around.

SIMPL GRIP Car Dash Mount Holder

simpl grip

You’re a mobile person but you want your mobile exactly where it should be. The Simpl Grip Dashboard Phone Holder will stick like glue and be easy to adjust with one simple touch of a button. It’s universally compatible with phones and cases alike. You’ll be making calls on the fly whether you’re on the driver’s side or the passengers and navigation will be a breeze with the wide range of tilt motion.

The Air Vent

As there are different types of car mounts that you can use having to consider a car vent phone holder means some research. Before even considering using one, you should check your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system for compatibility. This kind of mount is oftentimes overlooked due to the popularity of the first two. But this can offer what both can offer the modern driver. It also gives that option of keeping your console free of clutter. You may have that really beautiful wooden dash that you don’t want dirtied.

vent mount

It’s easy to install and offers a low, unobstructed view of your device like in a dashboard mount. One caveat though that we must state here is - for this type of mount to work as it was designed to, you’ll need to attach it to traditional rectangular vents. Most circular vents will either be too loose or unstable to hold the car mount properly and your smartphone may fall during a bumpy ride.

SIMPL CRADLE Car Vent Phone Mount Holder

vent mount

If you have decided that the air vent mount is something you’d prefer to use, the Simple Cradle Vent Phone Holder would be a great choice. It offers a total, no-slip grip and mounts securely so that your phones stay in your vents while you’re mobile. People who have a thicker casing should consider using this if it is thicker than the slim cases around.

MAGNETIC AIR VENT Car Phone Mount Holder

vent mount

Get a perfect view without having to go against any county regulations with the Simpl Touch Magnetic Car Phone Holder. It’s easy to attach and take off with a wide range of motion and a reliable and removable attachment. Attaching any cable to it won’t be any trouble as well so you can have it charging while on the go.

The CD Slot

The most uncommon type of mount can easily be the least used as the CD Mount works only with the CD player slot in your vehicle. If the car model you currently own doesn’t have a CD slot then this probably isn’t the best mount type to use. But if your car sports the right CD slot then this could easily be a preferred place to attach a CD Phone Mount. These types of mounts are typically small and are put well out of the way of everything else.

cd mount

The CD Mount from Mighty Mount may be something you can use if your HVAC in the car isn’t the most ideal spot or if the windshield ban in your state is still in effect. This is definitely a good spot for mounts especially for older models. However, keep in mind that with the onslaught of newer mobile cars on the road this type of mount may become vintage very soon.


cd mount

Never lose your way and always know on-point directions when you use your device for navigation. Repurpose that CD slot with this Simple Cradle 2.0 CD Player Phone Mount. You’ll get to hear not only the phone’s voice while you're listening in directions but have that fun trip down on memory lane while listening to your tunes.

SIMPLE TOUCH 2.0 - Magnetic CD Mount

cd mount

Set that CD slot with this Simpl Touch CD Player Magnet Mount Phone and drive around without any worries. Keep your phone where you want it and have the ease in taking it out when you're done. Just pull out or mount on. No need for any pushing or anything related to difficult work.

The Cup Holder

For people who prefer to use larger gadgets instead of a smartphone, car mounts that hang onto the windshield or dash may not be able to take the weight. If you’d prefer navigating cars with a bigger screen size then unfortunately, the previous mounts won’t be able to securely hold your tablet or iPad. That’s where the cup holder phone mount comes in. This kind of mount is meant for those heavier and larger gadgets. With the base securely attached to the cup holder, the weight of your heavier iPad or tablet is evenly distributed. There’s no worry that it would topple over.

cup holder mount

People most likely to consider this type of mount are those who have to travel large distances and prefer a less impactful mount. Truckers or people who drive big rigs which have flat windshields are most likely to benefit from this type of mount.

Ipad And Tablet Cup Holder Car Or Truck Mount

You can find the Ipad And Tablet Cup Holder Car Or Truck Mount from Mighty Mount a great investment if you want to use larger gadgets. It’s compatible with all iPads, Tabs and other gadgets that measure up to 10 inches wide. This type of mount is also highly recommended for people who use a case that’s thicker than 10 mm all around.

cup holder mount

So we hope our article will help you to choose the best place to mount your smartphone in the car, but if you still have some questions feel free to ask them on our Facebook, Instagram or Contact us pages!