The Different Places In A Car You Can Put A Phone Mount

From the start of 2001, New York City became the first of many cities to ban cellphone use while driving. This has been done for good reason, as distracted driving has become a major cause of road accidents, even pedestrian injuries and deaths. Nonetheless, technological advancement from almost two decades ago has emerged so rapidly, the use of smartphones has gone from limited to almost necessary.

Car Air Vent Mount

Phone mounts have become essential tools for the modern driver. However, with so many kinds of phone mounts, it may be daunting to choose the best way to use a phone mount. The initial step to choosing which car phone mount to use, is to find out where you can put them and which would best suit you.

The Windshield Mount

Most people would want to put their mounts in front of them. It’s a natural tendency to want to have things upfront and the windshield may be the most common place to attach a phone mount to. It is eye-leveled to allowing the driver to see the phone screen while looking at the road. However, the position may block a bit of that forward visibility and leading to it to be banned in some states in the past.

Car dash & windshield mount

After being legalized in some states, the window mount has become the preference of people who think adhering the base to glass gives it more stability. Since some cars have leathery and uneven dashboards surfaces, some drivers prefer to put their smartphones on a mount that is deemed more stable.

You can check out the SIMPL TOUCH Magnetic Flexible Gooseneck Dash and Windshield Mount. Its dual function offers a more diversified use and an option to shift between the two positions.

The Dash Mount

 A Dash mount would best fit drivers who prefer propping their smartphones onto the dashboard instead of by the windshield. It could also be the best choice for people living in states that have yet to lift the ban on windshield attachments. These windshield mounts can actually be converted to dash mounts by adding an adhesive puck that works together with the suction base.

Car dash mount

While many drivers may avoid this as they wouldn’t want to damage their dashboard, there are some advantages of the dashboard mount over the windshield mount. One important advantage is the ability of the driver to interact with the phone easily as it is closer. It can also circumvent the standing windshield citations on obstruction.

The SIMPL TOUCH Magnetic Dash Mount is inconspicuous and tiny but is reliable and tough for just anyone who wants to put their smartphone on their dashboard.

The Air Vent Mount

Before even considering an air vent mount, you should check your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system for compatibility. This kind of mount is oftentimes overlooked due to the popularity of the first two. But the air vent mount can offer what both can offer the modern driver.

Car air vent mount

It’s easy to install and offers a low, unobstructed view of your phone screen like in a dashboard mount. One caveat must be stated here, for the air vent mount to work as it was designed to, you’ll need to attach it to a traditional rectangular vent. Most circular vents will either be too loose or unstable to hold the vent mount properly.

If you have decided that the air vent mount is something you’d prefer to use, the SIMPL CRADLE Car Vent Phone Mount Holder would be a great choice. It offers a total, no-slip grip so that your phone stays in place.

The Cup Holder Mount

This kind of mount is meant for those heavier and larger gadgets. If you’d prefer navigating with a bigger screen size then unfortunately, the previous mounts won’t be able to securely hold your tablet or iPad. That’s where the cup holder mount comes in.

car cup holder

With the base securely attached to the cup holder, the weight of your heavier iPad or tablet is evenly distributed. There’s no worry that it would topple over.

You can find the Ipad And Tablet Cup Holder Car Or Truck Mount from Mighty Mount a great investment if you want to use larger devices.

The CD Car Mount

The most uncommon type of mount can easily be the least used as the CD Car Mount works only with your vehicle's CD player slot. If the car model you currently own doesn’t have a CD slot then this probably isn’t the best mount type to use. But if your car sports the right CD slot then this could easily be a preferred place to attach a car CD Car Mount. These types of car mounts are typically small and are placed well out of the way of everything else.

cd car mount

The CD Car Mount is something you can use if your HVAC in the car isn’t the most ideal spot or if the windshield ban in your state is still in effect.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose the uncommon CD car mount or the popular dash and windshield mount, safety should be behind your decision to get this accessory.  Having a car mount in your car not only keeps your hand on the wheel, it also makes navigation easier.