Wireless Car Charger

Fast Wireless Car Charger Phone Mount -10 Watt Fast Charging - Car Mount | Mighty Mount (dash board Fast Charger)
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Air Vent Mount

Simpl Car Air Vent Mount Holder - Car Mount | Mighty Mount (Simpl Car Vent Phone Holder)
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Simpl Cradle Air Vent Mount

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Mighty Mount Car Air Vent Mount Holder - Car Mount | Mighty Mount (Simpl Grip Car Air Vent Mount Holder)
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Simpl Grip Air Vent Mount

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Car Vent Phone Holder Collection

Vent Mounts 

Stay free from distractions while driving with our vent mount holders. These convenient and compact car phone holders attach securely right onto any vent in your car to provide a sturdy and reliable place for your phone. Choose from a variety of vent holders like the magnetic vent mount holder or the cradle vent mount holder depending on the level of support you’re looking for for your phone. Vent mount holders are one of the most convenient car phone holders because they are easy and fast to remove, move around, and adjust when needed. 


If you are looking for a replacement for one of the pieces of your car mount there is no need to buy a whole new set altogether, instead, you can conveniently buy the part you need right here from adhesive tape and dash mount bases to new air vents and flexible arms. Buy only what your need hassle free!