Mighty Mount started in 2017 with a bunch of veteran tech-savvy design engineers who wanted to create better on-the-road experience. Founded and headquartered in Toronto, Canada the company set its sights on a new era of premium car accessories built for the modern world. 

At the core, our company is set on design quality and innovation aimed to enhance driving experience while protecting what matters most along the way.


Well, because a common goal makes any alliance stronger. With Mighty Mount’s quality designed products, there’ll never be a reason to fail. We want to make roads safer. We want to promote campaigns that push for responsible and safe driving and we want to be its champion as well. 

Why Mighty Mount? We always pursue everything for the greater good. 


PADD is a non-profit organization that offers aid to people who have become victims to distracted driving. They also aim to educate people and promote their campaign by going to schools and communities. They even hand out stickers and put up road signs that remind drivers to NOT Text and Drive. 

Mighty Mount wants to take part in PADD’s campaign to raise awareness about distracted driving. This is akin to the goal that we as a company aim to achieve. Affiliating with PADD will help further our reach in educating drivers to become safe, responsible, aware and alert.

In a perfect world, they would be doing this noble thing without any financial burden but in reality, it doesn’t come cheap. However, with the joint efforts of our global patrons, Mighty Mount vows to donate 1% of every sale to the organization. This active engagement allows for a greater chance to help others learn more about distracted driving while at the same time offer a lending hand to the many victims and their families. 

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