Dashboard Phone Mount Collection

Dashboard Phone Mounts 

Dashboard Phone Mounts are easy to use and allow you to quickly attach and remove your phone when needed hassle-free. Dashboard mounts are perfect for phones with thin or magnetic phone cases and make for a perfect minimalistic look to keep your car looking clean and sleek. Select from a variety of options from the Simpl Cradle - Dashboard Mount Phones to the Simpl Grip - Dashboard Phone Holder and Simpl Touch - Dashboard Phone Holder For Car depending on your preference. Stay safe and focused on the road with these easy to use car phone holders. All Mighty Mount's Dashboard Phone Mounts are universally compatible with all phone models such as iPhone 13, Samsung S22, among others. They are also compatible with all Caseco's phone cases as well as other brands.

Car Accessories

If you are looking for a replacement for one of the pieces of your car mount there is no need to buy a whole new set altogether, instead, you can conveniently buy the part you need right here from 3M Flexible Tape and Dashboard Base to new Vent Base and Flexible Gooseneck Arm. Buy only what your need hassle free!