The Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Car Phone Mounts

Ontario, 26th January 2021

The release of the latest Samsung S21 phones just a few days away, we just can’t contain our excitement. The S21 Plus has specs that are more similar to the base model S21. The main differences between the two are battery capacity and, more obviously, screen size. With a new, more efficient chipset, the bigger battery capacity is sure to last longer. These two qualities make it the perfect on-road companion. 

Now, when your new S21 Plus goes along for a ride, it has to have a proper place in accordance with recently passed laws. Whether you’re navigating, streaming music, or taking a call (hands-free of course), these best car phone mounts for the Samsung S21 Plus are here to help you practice safe driving habits. 

Best Dash Car Phone Mount For All

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For those that can’t mount their phones on the windshield, the Simpl Cradle Car Dash Mount Phone Holder is the answer. In fact, it’s the best overall mount since it can be placed right on the center instrument cluster of any vehicle. This also means that it doesn’t obstruct your view of the road whatsoever while always being in reach. 

This car phone mount is compatible with any mobile phone and any case as its wide grip is very accommodating. Adjustable cradle feet and holder grips make sure your Galaxy S21 Plus stays where it should be. It also features a one-touch grip release for easy access to your phone while the cradle feet ensure your phone doesn’t fall off while taking it out of the mount. 

Tilt and rotation functions ensure you always get the best view of your phone. Since this car phone mount’s placement isn’t restricted anywhere, it’s easily the best mounting solution for everybody. 

Best Versatile Car Phone Mount

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The Simpl Grip Dash & Windshield Mount is the best versatile car phone mount for the Galaxy S21 Plus. It comes with a dash mounting pad so you can dash mount it or use the suction cup to directly mount it on your windshield. This lets you pick the most convenient place to mount it. Do bear in mind that some states have restrictions when installing a mount on the windshield. 

Wherever you decide to mount it, it will give you the perfect view of your S21 Plus because of its tilt-adjustable telescopic arm. It lets you adjust the angle and the length of the arm to fit your needs. Its wide range of tilt and rotation gives you an added layer of adjustability. It also has an easy mount function. Just press your S21 Plus against the holder and the automatic grips clamp down on your phone automatically.

If you decide to mount it on the windshield, a simple lever lets you release the suction grip. You can easily transfer this car phone mount to any of your vehicles. Its versatility that goes with you wherever and whatever you decide to drive. 

Best Flexible Car Phone Mount

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For larger vehicles with long swooping windshields, we have the Simpl Touch Gooseneck Dash & Windshield Magnetic Car Mount. This flexible car phone mount also lets you choose where you want to mount it whether you want a high or low viewing angle. Again we have adjustable tilt and rotation for your preferred viewing angle. What’s great about it is the incredible reach of the flexible neck. It ensures that you have access to your device even if you're reclined and just going for a cruise. 

Just as you’re taking it easy, it's also so easy to use. Its 6 neodymium magnets make it easy to mount and take off your phone. Don’t have a magnetic case? Then, you may want to check out these Galaxy S21 Plus cases. Or you could just use the included metal plates to mount your phone. Simply stick it at the back of your phone or slip them in your existing case. 

Having the flexibility to adjust to whatever driving position you prefer is what makes this mount perfect for you. It keeps your phone always within reach. No more straining to reach your device when you need to. 

Rock Solid Safety

These mounts come with 3M adhesive tapes to ensure that our mounts stay in place even in the roughest road conditions. They offer solid performance that best suits your specific vehicle and driving needs. Besides keeping your phone safe and secure, it lets you practice safe driving habits by letting you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

We encourage and support you to capture every moment while you build memories together by protecting your new Samsung Galaxy S21 with the best cases from Caseco. Also check out our wide range of case collections for Samsung Galaxy S21 plus and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra