Teen Safe Driving

Ok, they just passed their driver’s test. You have found a reliable and safe vehicle for them to drive, but this will be the first time without you. The questions begin to flood your mind. 

Did you prepare them? Did you emphasize the dangers in a way they understand? Did you check the tire pressure? Do they know what to do to get to safety if there is an engine failure? Did you set up roadside assistance and make sure the number was programmed in their phone? Did you purchase the right insurance coverage?

Did you explain that using a smartphone while driving can cost lives? 

Did you install a car phone mount? Mighty Mount saves lives just like your teenager’s every day.



A driver's license is considered by teens as the first step toward freedom. The responsibility of this milestone is usually not understood immediately. You may not be confident your teen is prepared for the open road.

One thing is for certain most teens are not equipped to have the equal status of driving liability as adults. 

Teenage driving statistics prove they have an increased rate of fatal accidents because of their inexperience, lack of abilities, and lack of maturity. Teens are prone to speed, make mistakes, and get distracted easily.

The probability of these behaviors happening increases, especially if their friends are in the car.

Teens overestimate ability. It is just a fact, since that first time they told you they could do it all by themselves at age 3, they have been building this confidence.

Although confidence is good, it can cause grave tragedy that could have been avoided with caution and forethought.

Smartphone usage has become like a drug. The minute our hands or mind is idle, we swipe to see what is happening. We are curious and sometimes nosey. Every post, text, and call seems to be so important that it can not be ignored. 

What if there was a way to know you have safeguarded your teens by removing the impulse to pick up their phones? You would do it—100%, right? Mighty Mount is this safeguard. 

Is a phone mount like the MagSafe Car Mount CD Slot necessary? Can they prevent distracted driving? Yes! Is distracted driving as prevalent as people say? 

Let’s explore the statistics in the United States. 

As of 2022, The United States has 48 states and Washington D.C. that have banned texting while driving. Does that mean everything is settled? No.

The 2022 teenage distracted driving statistics show that not many teens are not genuinely accepting the impossibility of controlling a motor vehicle and checking their phones simultaneously.

What is distracted driving exactly? Distracted driving includes any factors to take your complete focus on what you are doing. Most common examples are texting (reading and sending), making calls, checking social media, managing music or podcasts, checking email, and using GPS. We accomplish these actions using smartphones and other digital devices. 

Many insurance agencies and organizations in the United States have researched distracted drivers using smart phones. Below are some of the findings that you should know. 

  • 2019 research on texting habits reveals that people usually respond to text messages almost In fact, 9 out of 10 teens expect a reply to a text or email within minutes. This urgent behavior motivates teens to reply to texts while driving
  • Teens constitute the biggest age group reported as distracted in fatal
  • 77% of teens say that adults coach them not to text or email while driving but are guilty themselves of doing it

  • Though 97% of teens “agree” that texting while driving is dangerous, 43% do it 

  • Teens of those parents who drive distracted are as much as 2 to 4 times more likely to drive
  • More than 58% of teen accidents result from driver 

That is scary statistics. And it is even more alarming that teens know the ramifications and dangers of this behavior but still text and drive. Thus as I said before, Teens have an exaggerated understanding of their ability. They also have an “it won’t happen to me complex.” 

Unfortunately, many teens tend to only learn this critical lesson when it affects them or someone close to them. Too many teenagers have stood in a funeral home or at a hospital watching someone close face tragic circumstances. One text can change futures forever.

The drivers, the passengers, and people in other vehicles all can suffer the consequences of death, severe injury, or even criminal charges. As parents, it is our burden to educate our teens on the liabilities and possibilities. 

Let’s check the Canadian statistics. 

  • 1 in 5 drivers admits to surfing the internet while
  • 33% of Canadians confess that they text and drive while stopped at a red
  • 26% of all accidents are a result of phone
  • Smartphones are the most prevalent form of distraction

In Canada, around 400 deaths a year are caused by texting and driving. This is more than one death per day. Facts about texting and driving reveal the dire details. 

How many accidents are caused by texting and driving in Canada? Near 1000 critical major car accidents involve severe and fatal injuries that are created by texting and driving in Canada every year.

All these tragedies could have been prevented. Death, critical injuries, and severe future disabilities are consequences of distracted driving due to mobile phone use. Cell phone manufacturers have done their job to try to curtail these accidents.

They have a driving mode and voice command, and other features. As parents, it is now up to us to ensure our teens know how to use them. A car phone mount like this Magsafe Charging Car Mount allows hands-free use of your favorite cell phone. It is the perfect phone mount to enhance and enable the safety features of smartphones.

If your teen receives a text, they can ask their phone to read it and send a voice reply. Your teen needs to call you to tell you they will be running late…. can be accomplished by voice controls.

Need directions? This can be accessed with voice control also. All of these safety measures are at your disposal when your teen’s device is mounted securely with a car phone mount 

If your teen is alone and has any issues, it will bring you comfort to know that all they need to do is say Siri, Bixbi, Alexa, or other assistant names…

Call dad or Call mom! Times are scary. Our teens can find themselves in bad situations. Voice activation can be a life-saving tool when their phone is mounted securely and not lying in or under a seat. 

We understand that there are many phone mounts out there. Many are prone to breakage or failure because of faulty materials. Some designs are prone to overheating and damaging smartphones.

Mighty Mount prides itself on only using premium products. We want not only to sell you a phone mount, but we will take the time to ensure you have installed it correctly and answer any questions you may have. 

We want your family to travel safely. So parents, the best way to make sure your teen uses the correct safety precautions is to model the proper behavior. Make placing your phone in a car phone mount a habit.

Our actions speak louder than words. If we make good choices, we are setting the path we want to be followed. When you use Mighty Mount, and they see how simple it can be, they will replicate this behavior. Your life and your family’s life are worth it. 



Placing your phone into your cup holder car mount should become a habit, like putting on your seatbelt. You wouldn’t let your teen get on the road without understanding the importance of a seat belt. Don’t let them put their phone on the dash console or throw them in a cup holder. 

These examples ensure that your teen will pick up their phone, but if it is in a secure, phone friendly Mighty Mount, there will be no need to do so. Voice commands will promote a safer ride, just like those seatbelts you make sure they are wearing. 

One more issue we need to discuss when talking about teenage drivers. Have you heard, “ I would have called, but my phone died?”

The Automatic Grip Cradle Wireless Car Charger Mount not only secures their phone but wirelessly charges it. This guarantees they are not only able to call, but you can call them. And if you track that mobile phone, you will be ensured it can be found.


Hand your teen the keys with a little less worry, knowing the number one driver distraction is in a car phone holder. Know that cell phones can be used for safety and not dangerously in the driver’s hand. Remember, modeled behavior is the most successful training.



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