Getting A Car Phone Holder: Tips To Hustling Mothers

For working moms who spend more than half an hour a day in the car, getting a car phone holder is a gamechanger.

Driving with your phone in your hand or staring at the phone on the shelf near the gear shift or passenger seat is considerably riskier than placing it in the holder. Even if you are not in a hurry, taking your eyes off the road for a few seconds risks your safety.

Benefits Of A Car Phone Holder


1. See the screen better

When using the GPS, playing music, getting a text, or answering a phone call, it is recommended to only glance at your mobile screen while driving.

A high-quality car phone holder fitted on your car sets the device at eye level and within your face, allowing you to see the screen without peeking down or taking the phone in your hand.

With a car phone holder like a dashboard phone mount, you will see the screen and do whatever task you need with just a glimpse.

2. Eliminates distractions

Most car accidents happen when the driver reaches for items – mostly phones – that are stashed inside the vehicle while driving. While phone mounts do not remove all distractions, they will at least keep your phone in front of you at eye level.

This concern is addressed by getting a car phone holder like this Magsafe Charging Car Mount, which positions the smartphone directly in front of you without impeding your road view.

And because most smartphones are packed with AI-driven voice-activated assistants like Google Assistant and Siri, you will be able to use it without fumbling about or even touching the phone after it has been positioned comfortably.

3. Improved hearing

Since the phone sits near you, you will be able to hear your caller using a car phone holder like this MagSafe Car Mount CD Slot. Your hands will be free to handle and control the steering wheel while comfortably conversing on the phone.

You would have to be able to balance the phone between your ear and shoulder if you did not have a phone mount in your car, making hearing and driving safely unattainable. 

Besides this, the phone may slip from between your shoulder and ear and fall, leaving your safety in jeopardy.


4. Use the GPS smoothly

The Global Positioning System (GPS) on our phones is now our regular driving companion.

Setting the phone on the dashboard increases the chances of it slipping and tumbling when you apply the brakes, but it also makes it difficult to read the screen properly. Installing a dashboard phone holder allows you to view the GPS navigator more quickly and arrive at your destination safely.

5. Easy music access

While most smartphones include AI-powered voice assistants, you must be at a fixed distance from the phone speaker to use them. If you talk from a distance, the voice assistants may fail to grasp your requests.

In these scenarios, a phone clip holder for car comes in handy since it holds the phone in front of you, allowing you to use voice commands to listen to music.

Instead of driving with one hand while browsing through your playlist on the other, you will be able to play music simply by speaking out loud and without taking your hands off the wheel.

Factors To Consider in Buying A Car Phone Holder 

Car mounts must be mounted to your vehicle in a way that does not obscure your vision. If you are having difficulties selecting which car phone holder will serve you best, take a look at these factors to consider that we have compiled for you.


1. Magnetic attachment

Magnetic phone mounts in cars are surprisingly durable, although they usually require you to glue a coin-sized metal disc to the back of your phone. They will not work through thicker phone covers or PopSocket-style grips. Without using a metal disc, your phone may be attached to a MagSafe-compliant phone holder instead.


2. Cable management

Look for phone holder for car with clips to assist control loose cords if you frequently recharge your mobile phones while driving. These keep your power cables in place once you have unplugged your phone to exit the car. These may also wrap any slack in the wire for a tidier dashboard.


3. Rubberized grip

Cheap car phone holders are made of plastic, making them more likely to slip against your phone's glass or metal edge. If you are browsing for a high-quality phone car mount, make sure the spring-loaded arms holding your phone in place have soft, rubberized grips to prevent scuffing your device. 


Your Safety Is On Us

Without a doubt, a car phone holder is a life-changer and an investment worth getting. Car phone mounts are available in a wide range of designs. Therefore, be sure to perform a careful analysis to select the one that best meets your specific needs.

This small but significant car accessory can save your life and help you prevent serious traffic accidents, allowing you to spend more time with your family waiting for you at home.

While there are many brands to choose from, only a few can match Mighty Mount's quality and style.

The widespread reports of car phone holders interfering with phone performance, poorly produced charging pads causing overheating, and just plain old bad designs that break down within months left a void in the market that our developers chose to address.

Find your perfect view with Mighty Mount.


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