Vent Mounts 

Stay free from distractions while driving with our vent mount holders. These convenient and compact car phone holders attach securely right onto any vent in your car to provide a sturdy and reliable place for your phone. Choose from a variety of vent holders like the magnetic vent mount holder or the cradle vent mount holder depending on the level of support you’re looking for for your phone. Vent mount holders are one of the most convenient car phone holders because they are easy and fast to remove, move around, and adjust when needed. 

Dash Mounts 

Keep your hands phone-free while driving on the road with our dashboard phone mounts. Dashboard phone holders can easily diction and stick to any smooth surface on your dashboard to provide you with a clear view of your phone for easy and safe navigation. Pick from a variety of options depending on the support needed for your phone and case. The cradle dash mount holder is perfect for supporting phones with a thicker case. If you are looking for a minimalistic and clean look, try out the magnetic dash mount holder!

Car CD Mounts 

Does your car have a CD slot you haven’t ever even given a second thought about? It’s time to finally get some practical use out of this slightly dated feature! By installing a CD phone mount into your car’s CD slot you can securely attach your phone for safe navigation while keeping your dash and windshield clear and clean. You can choose from a number of versions to support your phone no matter its size or make. Turns out there is some use for these old CD slots after all!

Window Mounts 

Windshield phone mounts provide you with the most sturdy and flexible holders for your phone while driving. You can keep your hands free so that you can have a safe drive without any unnecessary distractions with our window car mounts. Simply suction the car mount to your car’s windshield in whatever position works best for you then adjust the arms and grips to position your phone at any angle you need for a clear view of both the screen and the road ahead. You can pick one of the magnetic windshield mounts for a more minimalistic look or go for more support for bigger phones with the cradle windshield mount. 

Magnetic Mounts 

Magnetic mounts are easy to use and allow you to quickly attach and remove your phone when needed hassle-free. Magnetic mounts are perfect for phones with thin or magnetic phone cases and make for a perfect minimalistic look to keep your car looking clean and sleek. Select from a variety of options from the vent mount holder to the windshield mount holder depending on where you prefer to place your phone mount within the car. Stay safe and focused on the road with these easy to use magnetic car phone holders.