Magnetic Car Phone Mounts & Holders

This magnetic car mount is designed as a safety device for children. The magnetic car phone holder is a perfect way to keep your phone secure while you're driving. You can even use the suction to hold the device in place while you're walking.

The Mighty Mount phone car holder magnet attaches to your dashboard and has a swiveling feature that allows it to be placed in any position. The car holder is perfect for use with any car, truck, minivan, or SUV. Plus the super-sturdy base with 3M adhesive lets you navigate even the roughest roads. Your kids will never again fear a highway on-ramp.

Product Features:

  • The magnet attaches to the underside of the dashboard so it is always in view. 
  • The phone holder is able to swivel around to any position.
  • The suction cup base holds the device securely in place even when the car is in motion. 
  • The holder is made of hard plastic for extra durability. 

Compatible Cases:

Simpl Cradle is compatible with Caseco, Otterbox - Defender, Symmetry, Commuter, Anue, Speck - Presidio, Casemate, Castify, UAG cases. Slim-Racer is compatible with Droid - RAZR, Droid - MIRA, Mini, Micro, Ultra-S, Xoom, and all 4 variants of the Kindle Fire.

This magnetic car phone holder is equipped with six neodymium magnets, which is more powerful than a typical super-conductor. This allows the car mount to hold your device even when the vehicle is undergoing acceleration and deceleration. The neodymium magnets will not demagnetize or degrade in ferocity over time.