Car Mount for Delivery Drivers

Whether you’re new on the job, plowing unfamiliar streets, or a seasoned veteran, driving on your regular beat, you know that road safety comes first. Whichever one you are, you’re bound to get lost sometimes. Good thing there are navigation devices always on hand - your modern smartphone. While they make your job easier, using them unaided is not safe. To make your journeys safer, you better have a car mount phone holder for delivery drivers. Our wide car mounts and accessories deliver exceptional viewing angles, solid performance, and convenience.

While our Simple Cradle Dash Mount may look, well, simple, it’s a tried and tested design. It is suited for most applications and doesn’t obstruct your line of sight. Thanks to the cradle feet at the bottom, it’s built to take on the bulk and weight of the biggest and heaviest phones. Its fully adjustable tilt and rotation mean you get a good view of your device and are recommended for most drivers.

Need a little versatility and convenience? Check out our Simple Touch 2.0 Magnetic Dash & Windshield 360° Mount. If the name sounds like a mouthful, that’s because it’s packed with so many features. Its strong suction cup base provides a firm foundation and can be mounted on your car’s dash or windshield. Powerful magnets ensure your phone is firmly locked onto this mount. Now that’s versatility and convenience in a solid package.

For longer drives, there’s our Fast Wireless Car Charger Dash & Vent Mount. It’s fully automated for your convenience. Just tap, mount, and go! Plus, the built-in fast wireless charging function means your Qi Wireless compatible Apple or Android device won’t run out of juice along the way. For more car mount phone holders for delivery drivers, check out our website.