Best Car Phone Mounts - What To Look For

Ontario, 12th February 2020

Not all car phone mounts are created equal. When shopping for the best, quality should be your top priority. It's supposed to enhance your driving experience by providing a safe way for you to make calls, get directions, and more (preferable through the use of a voice assistant) so you shouldn’t mind paying a premium on this device. Nonetheless, you expect your investment to do its job well and last. We give you the lowdown on what to look for in the best car phone mount.


simpl grip windshield mount

With differing state laws on phone car mount placements, a quality mount should be able to adjust to your needs. The Mightymount’s range of dash and windshield mounts have a suction cup to secure it to the windshield while the included dashboard pad allows you to mount it on your dash. Wherever you decide to mount your phone, the wide range of tilt and rotation of our products give you the perfect viewing angle any time. 


simpl grip windshield mount

Your best car phone mount should be able to accommodate any size phone (bulky case included) without obstructing your view. For slimmer phones, the Simpl Grip Dash & Windshield Mount  has a max width of 3.3 inches. For bigger phones, the Simpl Cradle can handle devices up to 3.9 inches wide. If you have a magnetic case like Caseco’s Fremont Magneto, our Simpl Touch Magnetic Dash Phone Holder is perfect.


windshield mount

As phones are getting bigger, they would generally get heavier. And as weight increases, the stability of your car phone mount becomes an issue. Our car phone mounts have a super strong suction base with a sticky gel pad that ensures our mounts are firmly attached and ready for any bumps on the road. The grips ensure your phone stays in place as well. 


magnetic car mount

Did you know you can tell the quality of the product by how well it was designed? All of our Mightymounts were made with ease of use in mind. The Simpl Grip has a one touch grip that automatically grips your phone when placed in the mount. The Simpl Cradle has a quick release button to get it out quickly as well. Want a magnetic mount but don’t have a magnetic case? Not to worry, we’ve included two metal plates in our Simpl Touch Mount so you can place it between your phone and its case for use with our mount. 

So if you’re looking for quality car phone mounts, look no further. We’ve got the mount that’s right for you.