Mighty Mount Launches Bike Phone Mounts For Apple And Samsung Devices

On the hunt for a new bike phone mount? I am pleased to announce the launch of Mighty Mount's latest product, their phone mount for bicycle collection. Taking into consideration the latest trends in technology while providing practicality and convenience,

Mighty Mount had all kinds of bikers in mind when they conceived their new phone mount collection. Read on to know more about Mighty Mount and the different types of bike mounts they recently released.


The 4 Types of Mighty Mount’s Bike Phone Mounts

1. MagSafe Magnetic Bike Cell Phone Holder

Featuring a simple design with a strong magnetic base, the MagSafe Magnetic Bicycle Phone Holder is a minimalist mount with a tough hold. Built with MagSafe feature, this phone holder for bikes is compatible with Apple’s latest iPhone models as well as for older models and Android phones.

When you use this magnetic mount, you can expect your phone to quickly attach into place. If you’re the adventurous type who plans to bike on rough terrains, this mount is perfect for you because it also includes a VUP silicone mount for extra support.

2. Simpl Touch Magnetic Phone Holder For Bike

If you're looking for an even more minimalistic bike phone holder, you can't go wrong with the Simpl Touch magnetic phone holder for bike. Designed to fit most phones, this bike phone holder works with both iOS and Android devices and is compatible with a wide range of bikes.

For added support, it also has a VUP silicone mount that attaches to your phone’s corners. No worries about your phone falling off because this mount ensures your phone will stay in place during your whole trip. For your convenience, it also provides an adjustable viewing angle. 

3. Simpl Grip Bike Phone Holders

A step up from the Simpl Touch Bike Phone Mount, the Simpl Grip bicycle phone mount is perfect for all medium-sized phones and all kinds of phone cases.

To make sure your phone is tightly held in place, this mount has two supporting grips on either side and a button for quick release. It also features a VUP silicone for extra support when you’re biking on rougher roads. 

4. Simpl Cradle Phone Bike Holder

Out of all of Mighty Mount’s bike phone holders, the Simpl Cradle cell phone holder for bike offers the toughest support. As you might expect, it is perfect for you if you have a bigger phone or a thick phone case.

With two grips on either side or two additional foldable clasps at the bottom, this phone mount is able to support extra heavy devices. With the Simpl Cradle phone holder, you can navigate with ease, have a clear view of your screen anytime you look at it, and enjoy your whole biking adventure from start to finish.

5. Strap vs. Clamp

If you think that’s all, there’s more. Each of the 4 types of bike phone mounts mentioned above actually comes in two versions: a strap version and a clamp version. What’s the difference?

Mighty Mount’s strap mounts such as Simpl Grip phone mount for bike are silicon belts that can be adjusted, tightened, and secured onto your bike’s frame by pulling the strap through the buckle. The material of the strap ensures that the mount won't slip and slide around when you're biking

Meanwhile, the clamp mounts are similar to Mighty Mount’s car mounts. They have a plastic arm that can be adjusted. The clamp holder can be attached to your bike’s frame by putting it in your desired location, turning the skewer lock to tighten the hold, then snapping it closed for a sturdy hold.

Bike Phone Mount - Final Thoughts

Mighty Mount’s bike phone holders are designed for a sturdy grip and effortless access no matter how rough the terrain you plan to adventure on.

Reward yourself with a wonderful and peaceful ride wherever you go as you will need a bike phone mount for your daily bicycle ride!



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