A Mighty Mount Affair on Black Friday

We have different kinds of affairs in society. You can call a formal event with strictly black ties only - a Black Tie Affair, or an Autumn Affair if the event is held in autumn. You also have the titular “love affair” that always, always gets everyone’s attention. It got yours, didn’t it?

But on Black Friday, let’s talk about a more unique type of affair - A Mighty Mount Affair - where your car dash creates that perfect connection with Mighty Mount’s different car mounts. In this blog we’ll reveal all the juicy information that you’d like to know about this affair which will involve key players. Your dash and car mounts that will vie for your attention. Enjoy the sizzling news and get to know more about what Mighty Mount can do for you.

An A-Vent To Remember

Yeah, doesn’t really match right? However, contrary to this misplaced subheading, we’ve got that vent car mount that matches perfectly. It’s not just great and easy to install (as most vents are but this is really, really easy) - these car mounts are the most preferred to use for most standard HVACs in any vehicle. Just clip on and you’re ready to attach your device for that smooth and easy drive. Choose your pick from our line-up.

Air Vent Car Mount To Grip Your Phone

One touch. That’s all it takes. To get the grippiest car phone mount and make your driving experience the best you’ll ever have. Smoothly glide in for that no-muss, no-fuss attachment.


car air vent grip phone holder for all phone model


This is an air vent phone mount that you can depend on - even if you keep upgrading your device. Grab that latest flagship or stick to your old reliable - you can be sure the Caseco Grip Vent Mount Holder will still bring you the wide range of tilt and rotation that you’ll need when driving. Be safe with hands-free connectivity all with that sense of security for you and your passengers.

Car Vent Simple Mount Holder

Are you kind of paranoid and dead serious about your device protection? Can’t use any car mount because you’re not sure of its safety? 

Ever heard of cradle feet?

For the paranoid and untrusting! The cradle feet of the Simpl Car Air Vent Mount Holder are exactly what it says. It’s supported at the bottom of your simple phone mount holder that will give you extra safety and extra grip on your device.

car air vent simple phone mount holder

Thinking of joining a WRX race? This vent car mount is your best co-driver for navigation. Slap on your phone and you’ll be looping and drifting through the race. Rotate it in any way so you can always have the perfect view of your screen. Set up that cruise control specially if you’re taking it easy or be alert during your big driving day. Your device - whether new or dated is guaranteed to fit like a hand to a perfect glove. 

Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount Holder

Love the magnetic eco-system? Make it complete with your very own magnetic air vent car phone mount. Don’t skimp on the MagSafe system just because you’re getting a phone mount holder. With 6 Neodymium (say nee-oh-die-mee-oom) you’re likely going to a mini tug of war before your phone ever gets thrown off from its hold.

magnetic car air vent phone holder for all model

Don’t worry about the size of your case or your device. The Car Phone Magnetic Air Vent Mount Holder can fit a wide range of cases. From thin profile cases to up to .8 mm thick ones. You’re never going to need to adjust for our magnetic air vent car phone holder. Just adjust the tilt and rotation however you want and you’re good to go. 

Dash To the Only Mount You’ll Ever Need

Dash Car Mount Phone Holder - Simpl Cradle

car dash mount phone holder - simpl cradle

Cradle that iPhone 13 and keep it safe wherever you take it. Those extra feet underneath your smartphone will keep it secure so you can drive with ease - without having to worry about your phone falling off. This car dash mount phone holder - Simpl Cradle will be your most dependable accessory on rough terrain.

Simpl Grip Car Dash Mount Holder 

You want a little of everything but then - that’s it - just a little of everything. You want a firm hold on your iPhone 13 without having it hold on too much that it’s overkill. Get the right grip on your device and be worry free about it getting out of alignment. Stress free driving with the right car mount holder for iPhone 13 at your disposal - a simple but firm grip on your device for your car dash mount phone holder.

Magnetic Car Dash Phone Mount - Simple Touch

car dash mount phone holder - simpl grip

Slap on, slap off. Yeah, it’s as easy as that. But don’t let the Magnetic Car Mount fool you. That magnet is going to hold your iPhone 13 like you're holding onto your first car. Tightly. 

With 6 Neodymium magnets, even without anything else holding onto your iPhone 13 there’s nothing to worry about. And if you’re worried about the attachment to your dash - we have the ever reliable specialist in adhesion - 3M. Nuff’ said.

A Dash Car Mount and So Much More

What can you do with a dash car mount? Well, use it on a dashboard and mount your iPhone 13 of course. But, what else?


simpl mag rectangular phone car dash mount


With a Simpl Mag Long Rectangular iPad Wall Mount, you can drive around town and look for the best spots via your phone as navigator but you can also mount it in your kitchen to use as a key holder or - well - a phone holder. If you’re using your IPad as a recipe book, here’s the best solution - the Simpl Mag Long Rectangular iPad Wall Mount(6.5inch) will get the job done easily. 

Get a multi-functional car mount - or kitchen mount - or both. You’ll love it.

Windshield and Dash Car Mount: A 360-degree Affair

You’ve heard of a love triangle, right? How about a 360-degree affair? With the Windshield and Dash Car Mount, you’ve got that unique and attractive feature. Nothing too boring, that’s for sure. 

Dash and Windshield Car Phone Holder

Imagine yourself driving and having to adjust your view because your car mount can’t. Doesn’t seem like a pleasant experience at all, does it? Now, imagine yourself with a dash and windshield car phone holder that’ll give you that 360 degree adjustment. Priceless.

dash and windshield car mount phone holder

With a wide range of tilt and rotation - you’ll always have that perfect view of your screen. Whether you're front and center or you’re just cruisin’. That adjustable arm goes beyond the normal and offers the low angled views suitable for either a dash or windshield attachment. And did we mention cradle feet? Set to be the grippiest grip you’ll ever see. Not to mention that suction base with a 3M adhesive - heat resistant, flexible with a strong hold design. You’ll never go wrong with this extraordinary all around car mount. 

A Magnetic Solution to the 360 Degree Affair

If you want simplicity without the clinginess of a cradle or grip then the magnetic solution is your best bet. If you’ve also got a huge - gadget to attach then this is the perfect magnetic solution. No worries about your iPhone 13 Pro Max falling off. 6 neodymium magnets, the strongest types of magnets on the planet, will hold onto your smartphone.

gooseneck dash & windshield magnetic car phone mount

Whether you’re using the Gooseneck dash & Windshield Magnetic Car Mount or the Simple Touch - 360° Dash & Windshield Mount | Magnetic Dash Phone Holder you’ll have everything you need when you need it - safely - while driving on the road.  

The Wireless Solution: Wireless Charger Car Mount for iPhone 13

You want that hands-free navigation and you’ve got loads to choose from but you’re realistic and you want a wireless charger car mount that’ll give you the juice you need to keep your iPhone 13 going and going and going. The best wireless solution involves all that.

fast charging wireless car charger phone mount

The Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount will get your navigation in tip top shape without having to worry if your battery runs out. No need to rush to get to where you’re going just because you have to recharge. Concentrate on driving and getting to where you need to go safe and sound. 

Final Thoughts

Black Friday will truly be that kind of affair to knock your socks off and be either the greatest or the worst day of the year. Bottom line is - settling down for just any purchase isn’t very smart. Check out Mighty Mount and get real juicy promos and discounts for the items that you can use. Keep your eye on the road, your iPhone 13 on that car mount holder and drive safe.