2021 Best Car CD Slot Phone Mount Holder for iPhone 12

Ontario, 25th May 2021


With the age of modernization just engulfing everything old school, you’d expect some people to just go with the flow and get into newer designs. But you’ll be surprised at just how precious vintage can get. Now, I’m not saying CD slots are vintage but with the advent of bluetooth and indash car entertainment included in the mid to top tier levels of car models, you could say that using CDs for music has come to pass. 

cd mount

Late in the fourth quarter of 2020 the iPhone 12 series entered the global scene, making waves inside and outside its fan base. It’s main model, the iPhone 12 is a wonderful piece of work centering on nostalgic design and top of the line smartphone specs. It had a lot of people saying, take my money, it’s yours and even more people (mainly from the Android, Samsung field) stepping up its marketing strategy.   

Repurposed To Make Road Safety Possible

cd mount

Nowadays, most people just ignore the CD slots in their cars however, there is something else that CD slots can be used for and that is mounting your iPhone 12 for an easy hands-free driving experience. Due to the ingenious designs of these CD car mounts, CD players have been repurposed to make road safety possible. Let’s have a look at 2021s best car CD slot phone mount holder for the iPhone 12. 


cd mount

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How convenient would it be to have an easy to use phone mount that will let you focus on getting to where you need to go. 

With 6 neodymium magnets the Magnetic CD Phone Mount assures that even without anything else gripping your iPhone 12 - you’re drive will be the smoothest ever. You don’t need to worry about having your device fly off when you get into some pretty rough terrain. Once attached, it only comes off when you want it to. 

If you’re worried about compatibility with your phone case then you’ll be pleased to know that the SIMPLE TOUCH 2.0 is compatible case-less or with a thin profile case that’s up to .8mm thick. Some well known cases that are covered are the Otterbox Symmetry, Speck cases, most UAG cases and our very own Caseco Skin Shield or Fremont cases. Let’s not forget that all our Magnetic Wallet Folios are compatible as well (Sunset Blvd Magnetic Wallet Folio, Broadway Magnetic Folio, Park Ave Magnetic Folio and Bond Magnetic Wallet Folio).

When you're ready to roll out - you’ll also experience a wide range of tilt and rotation from the SIMPLE TOUCH 2.0. You can have your iPhone 12 face you in any way - whether you’re eased down via cruise control or taking the wheel front and center.  

With the SIMPLE TOUCH 2.0 Car CD  Phone Mount Holder for your daily drive, you’ll experience that ease of use. You’ll also breathe life into a dusty, unused CD player. You’ll talk and drive safely with hands-free ease. Get that security with this car phone mount. Just touch and go then simply enjoy the drive.


simpl grip

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The CD Slot Phone Mount Grip offers a different kind of security and ease. With its one-touch button grip you can expect your iPhone 12 to slide into the mount securely. A simple touch of a button, you’re prepared to drive hands-free and you’ll get to where you need to go with no problems. 

Now, you don’t need to worry about fitting your device in. Whether you have an iPhone 12 or plan to use the bigger iPhone 12 Pro Max then the SIMPLE GRIP 2.0 is able to accommodate. It has a minimum width size of 56mm or 2.2 inches going to its maximum width of 87mm or 3.4 inches. It’s compatible with any case

Getting the perfect view of your screen is simply just tilt and rotate. With its 360 degree pivot combined with an adjustable arm there’s no need to worry about having to adjust your seat to the right height. Let this Car CD Phone Mount Holder for iPHone 12 do the adjusting for you. Just slip it into a compatible CD slot and you're ready to get to your destination in ease and comfort. The SIMPLE GRIP 2.0 will keep you ready to grip and go.


simpl cradle

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For an even more secure mount, we have the CD Phone Mount Holder. This car mount design presents the most secure holder with both the grip to the sides and a cradle at the bottom allowing no room for movement from your iPhone 12. If you’re planning a road trip along a rough terrain or joining a rally then this is definitely the car mount for you. 

If you’ve got another device that’s bigger or slimmer than your main driver, then the SIMPLE CRADLE 2.0 is adjustable to fit in most smartphones or cases. Following a width measurement of 62mm at its minimum to 103mm at its maximum this car mount is universally compatible. And having that one touch button to open and a smart automatic closing system when you’ve placed your iPhone 12 is convenience at a whole new level. 

Tilting and rotating the SIMPLE CRADLE 2.0 is also a breeze. A 360 degree pivot point allows for a perfect view whether you’re relaxing on cruise control or driving like a pro front and center. This compatible CD mount grip will attach itself to any car cd player so it’s easy to get it right on your first try. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro at mounting car phone mounts - the SIMPLE CRADLE 2.0 will take you and your passengers to that ultimate joy ride. 


wireless charger mount

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If you’ve been a Mighty Mount fan for some time, you’ll know that one of the fan favorites is the FAST WIRELESS CAR CHARGER MOUNT. This ultimate car mount can tick off all of your car charging and mounting needs. 

First, it’s a hassle-free marvel with its automated system. That sensitive touch sensor pad doesn’t need you to double tap and will open immediately and close automatically to fit your phone snuggly. The foldable foot cradle is easily tucked away when you don’t prefer to use it. A 10W fast wireless charging pad allows for juicing up when on long travels. And finally, you’ll get that ingenious button that will prevent the wireless charger from overcharging your phone. That means, prolonging your iPhone 12’s battery. 

With your Car CD Slot Phone Mount, you can just replace the dash or air vent mount that’s included in the package and you’re ready to go. You’ll have the same wide range of tilt and rotation so you don’t need to adjust yourself. Just open that horizontal grip and set your iPhone 12 onto the unfolded feet and get yourself into your driving mode in a completely set up package.

On a Final Note

Let’s be clear here, you don’t need to overhaul your daily ride just because it’s a bit advanced in years. Just a little repurpose here and there and you can get your car up to speed in the modern way. Just remember to take up some really good pointers on what can help you navigate safely. Talk and drive hands-free without problems and maintain security for you and your passengers while you enjoy the journey.