Best Car Phone Mounts For iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max in 2021

Ontario, 13th April 2021

Investing in a car mount for your iPhone 11 is a wise decision as it makes your drive safer and more convenient and protects you and your mobile device. This is a must-have accessory for any driver who owns a mobile phone as it is illegal (and not to mention, dangerous) to handle your smartphone while driving. It serves as a solid platform on which to place your phone that makes it clearly accessible visually and within your immediate reach. This lets you concentrate more  on driving than fiddling with your smartphone. 

Now the iPhone 11 is still available and has received some price cuts which makes it a cheaper yet just as capable mobile device compared to current flagships. That said, it still costs a lot and is a considerable investment. Having your mobile phone on your car’s dash, seat or cup holder isn’t safe for you or your phone as it may get jostled around and fall to the floor or even out the window while you’re driving. The car phone mounts in this article provide a secure place that holds your iPhone 11 firmly while letting you use it for navigating, taking calls (hands free of course), or playing music safely. Now let’s get on with the featured car mounts.

Best iPhone 11 Car Mounts

These best car mounts for the iPhone 11 are designed to give you stability and versatility. Stability because you can mount these on solid surfaces that won’t let your phone drop to the floor while you’re driving. They’re also versatile as you can freely transfer these mounts to any of your vehicles. Besides making your drive safe, they keep your iPhone 11 safe as well. Let’s take a closer look at their features.

Simple Grip 2.0 CD Mount

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Now you can put that neglected CD player in your vehicle to good use. This mount is universally compatible with any car CD player. Installing it is as easy as inserting the non-slip grip clip into the CD slot and you’re ready to use this mount. Since it uses physical resistance, you don’t have to worry about adhesives losing their effectiveness. It provides a fortress-like base for you to mount your phone. The CD Phone Mount head features a one-touch button grip that lets you simply place your mobile device on it to securely hold it in place. This makes mounting your phone a no-fuss experience. All these things keep your phone firmly in place for your peace of mind. The placement of your car’s audio system is an ideal place to put a phone holder and makes it easily accessible to you. This, coupled with our mount’s wide range of tilt and rotation which lets you adjust it for the best possible view of your device, makes for a safer drive.

Simple Cradle 2.0 Dash & Windshield 360° Mount

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No CD slot in your car? No problem. If you’re still insecure about your smartphone accidentally falling off your phone holder, then this car mount is perfect for you. Your worries will all be put aside with the addition of cradle feet in our Simple Cradle 2.0 Dash & Windshield Phone Mount Holder 360° Mount. This helps support your iPhone 11 while it’s on the mount and holds it firmly through the roughest and toughest of roads. They’re far apart enough to give you access to your phone’s charging port. They also keep your phone in place when using the quick release button. Besides having tilt and rotation, the adjustable arm of this car phone holder allows you to choose from high or low viewing angles, depending on where you decide to place the mount. The arm is also extendable which adds to your viewing convenience. Speaking of phone holder placement, you can choose to place this car phone holder on your car’s dashboard with the help of the included adhesive dash mount pad. This adhesive pad is flexible and can follow the curvature of your car’s dashboard. If you don’t want to stick anything onto your car’s dash then you can opt to place this car phone mount on any of your cars’ windshield. 

Best Car Mounts For The iPhone 11 Pro

The 11 Pro may be above the iPhone 11 in terms of specs, but in a peculiar design twist, it’s actually the smallest of the trio. Some may have difficulty using a navigation app on this phone with its smallish 5.8 inch screen size. Do note that it still costs about a couple hundred more than the iPhone 11 so you’d definitely want to keep it safe. The best car mounts for the iPhone 11 Pro lets you adjust for a better viewing angle while keeping a firm hold on your mobile device. 

Simple Touch 2.0 Magnetic Dash & Windshield 360° Mount

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This car phone holder is best suited for everyone as it doesn’t need a particular place to hold it. In fact, you have the option to place it on your car’s dashboard or windshield. The Simple Touch - 360° Dash & Windshield Mount is as sturdy a base as any premium car mount out there with its super strong suction base with gel pad. This lets you attach it to your car’s windshield with ease and confidence. As for the dash, in case it’s textured and not suited to attach the suction cup to, you can use the included dashboard pad. Just stick it on to your car’s dash and you can attach the phone holder to it. This car phone holder also lets you adjust for tilt and rotation to get a perfect view of your phone plus it has a telescopic arm that lets you adjust the distance of your phone. It makes your drive safer because you don’t have to crane your neck to get a good view of your phone. It’s so simple and easy to use thanks to the 6 neodymium magnets and the included metal plates. Just stick the plate in between your iPhone 11 Pro and its phone case and you’re ready to mount your device. The magnets are made from rare earth metals that offer the strongest grip and won’t let your phone slip off even through harsh bumps. You get both confidence and ease when using this magnetic mount. 

Simple Grip 2.0 Dash & Windshield 360° Mount

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The iPhone 11 Pro may be a tad smaller than the regular iPhone 11 but it packs a whole lot more. For its compact size, the Simple Grip 360° Dash & Windshield  Mount is a perfect match. It’s also for those who aren’t really drawn to a magnetic mount. This mount features a one-touch button grip that makes mounting your iPhone 11 Pro a breeze. All you need to do is slide open the grips and place your phone on the mount. The grips automatically close on contact for a tight grip on your mobile device. It’s adjustable arm allows for normal or high viewing angles depending on where you want to mount it. The arm is also extendable so you can have a better view of your phone. This is further enhanced by the aforementioned tilt and rotation found in all of our mounts. The grips are wide enough to accommodate your phone even if it has a bulky phone case. This car mount also features the wide suction cup base of the previous mount that lets you place it on your car’s dashboard or windshield. You can easily transfer it to any of your vehicles and it has a small profile that won’t block your view of the road. Overall, it’s a great travelling partner for you and your device.

Best Car Mounts For The iPhone 11 Pro Max

Now, we move on to the largest phone in the series. Given its size, it’s also the heaviest so you’ll need a mount with a fortress like base and unyielding grip. We picked these mounts for the iPhone 11 Pro Max because they offer the best in safety for you and your device and also because they are the easiest to use for larger phones. 

Simple Cradle 2.0 360° Dash & Windshield Mount

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The 11 Pro Max is the same as the 11 Pro but with a larger screen and battery. With all that extra size comes extra weight so we chose this as a perfect mounting solution for it. The Simple Cradle 2.0 360° Dash & Windshield Mount has our widest grip ever. This car holder cradle can hold your iPhone 11 Pro Max even with a monster of a phone case on it. The built in cradle feet of this mount helps support the extra weight of your phone and still gives you access to the charging port of your iPhone 11 Pro Max. It also comes in handy when using the one touch release button on the side of the car phone mount, ensuring that you phone stays in place as the grips come apart. The arm is solid and has 360 degree rotation so you can swivel it in any direction. This makes it more stable and can hold your phone firmly even on rough roads. This car mount also has infinitely adjustable tilt and rotation for the best viewing angle. It’s built to take on the toughest of loads even on the hardest of roads. That’s why your iPhone 11 Pro Max will be safe and secure on it. 

Simple Touch 2.0 Magnetic CD Mount

Now you’ll have a use for that neglected CD player in your car. Besides being able to play music in it, you can use it as a sturdy base for this car phone holder. The Simple Touch 2.0 Magnetic CD Phone Mount is designed to fit any car CD player slot. It’s clips have surface area to provide the necessary grip and stability for the mount. This makes it firmly attached to your car’s CD slot without causing any damage. On the other end, it has a ball joint that can let you freely adjust the angle you view your mounted phone. It also lets you seamlessly switch from portrait to landscape view. With the 6 strong magnets on this mount, you won’t be worrying about your iPhone 11 Pro Max falling off anytime soon. It also makes your mounting and unmounting experience a breeze. We’ve all struggled with placing and taking off our large phones on and from conventional tension grip mounts. This magnetic car mount does away with that altogether for convenience.

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Best Automatic Fast Wireless Charging Phone Mount

If you want to make the most of your iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max, then you have to get a wireless charging phone mount. It’s the all-in-one accessory that safely holds your phone in place while ensuring that it doesn’t run out of battery, especially if you use your phone for navigation. Our Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount has a host of advanced features that put it on the cutting edge of technology. 

Automatic Touch Sensor Grips

With just a tap, the grips open up and are ready to receive your phone. Once placed, it closes automatically and your phone is firmly held in place, ready to be charged. These automatic grips open wide enough to fit your iPhone 11 device even with a phone case on. To release your phone, just press the side button. Cradle feet are also present here to help support your phone and also for consistent phone placement for efficient charging but this time, they’re foldable and can be tucked away in case you don’t really need them.

Advanced Wireless Charging Function

wireless car charger mount

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Our wireless car charger car mount is Qi certified so it’s compatible with any of the iPhone 11 series phones. Besides being Qi certified, it has a plethora of safety features that prevent overheating, over or under voltage, over current, and also has foreign object detection. It’s a fast 10 watt charger that has an adjustable coil height to give your iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max the optimal charging speed despite the size difference. Once you have your phone fully charged, you can turn off wireless charging by holding the release button for 3 seconds while keeping your phone safely mounted. 

Mounting Options Available

You have a choice of mounting options. With the wireless charging mount, you get an air vent clip or a dashboard mount base. For this car phone mount, the air vent mount clip is the way to go. It gives you the option of transferring the car mount to different vehicles and you don’t have to worry about leaving a mark on your car’s dashboard. Do note however that the air vent clip will only work well with regular shaped air vents. If your vehicle has circular or oddly shaped air vents, then you have the option to use the dashboard mount base. Just clean the surface and let the adhesive cure for one day before using the mount. Whether you choose to place this on your car’s dashboard or air vent, this mount offers a great range of tilt and rotation so you can have the perfect view of your screen. 

Final Thoughts

The main purpose of a car mount is to keep you safe by making your phone as accessible as possible and less of a distraction. But with a premium phone such as the iPhone 11, it should also serve as a safe place for your phone. Your car phone mount should have a solid base, and an adjustable phone holder to make your drive safer and worry free. Having other features that make it more convenient are just icing on the cake but are really nice to have. That said, you should keep phone use while driving at a minimum and focus on the road ahead.