What Is A Bike Mount And Why Do You Need One?

For bikers, motorists, or even scooter users, one of the biggest struggles is to be able to use your phone. Whether to check on the route you're going through, track your fitness goals, or see any important calls or messages, these activities become extra risky when you don't have a proper phone mount to help access your needed information.

Luckily, you don't need to risk your safety with the abundance of bike phone mounts available. Picking the right item can easily and conveniently help you with your lifestyle or to assist you measure your fitness development.

Here are some of the best phone holder for bikes products available today:



1. Simpl Grip - Bike Mount Strap

The phone mount for bike is known due to its secure and steady hold as you ride through bumpy roads or even off-road terrain. The Simpl Grip is particularly made for medium sized phone even with the cases.

The mount is also easy to install since you don't need any tools or devices to help with the mounting procedure.

Features-wise, the mount uses a ball joint system that enables a 360-degree rotation. It is easy to use and can be moved horizontally or vertically with ease.



2. Simpl Cradle - Bike Mount Clamp

The Simple Cradle provides the most support out of the bike mounts from Mighty Mount. This type of bike phone holder is made for bigger phone sizes or those that wants to keep their phone cases as they mount their mobile devices.

The mount design emphasizes on two tight grips at the side and two additional foldable clasps for added support. 

While the device is mounted through the use of elastic bands in all four corners, it doesn't really take much space on your phone screen. The mount also comes with the VUP silicon mount to make sure that your phone stays in place.


3. Simpl Touch - Bike Mount Clamp

The Simpl Touch - Bike Mount Clamp magnetic bike phone mount can easily be used for any place that has a handlebar. Whats unique with the Simpl Touch is the minimalist design while providing the same durable and stable qualities.

This is especially great for those who need to monitor their phone constantly to check fitness data, maps, or just their trip details. The mount can also be attached to boats or exercise machines which gives it a ton of functionality. 

The clamp can be tightened for a secure hold and it comes with VUP silicone that helps give extra grip to your phone to avoid scratches during rides. It is one of the most sturdy and durable options out there and mostly fits all mobile device models.

Bike Phone Mount - Conclusion

Having a phone holder for bike definitely helps in making sure that you keep your eyes on the road.

It's not just a safe option, it's also convenient and will definitely help any rider for whatever purpose they have whether for their lifestyles or fitness goals.


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