Best Car Mounts For Samsung Galaxy S21

Ontario, 22nd January 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is the much awaited iteration from the Android world and waiting for the release date can get pretty intense. Not only is the Samsung S21 seen as one of the best value for money flagship series, it is also considered timely and apt given the current situation. From the more affordable base model, the Samsung S21 to the premium Samsung S21 Ultra, you’ll see a carefully thought out product that will grab the attention of many android and potential android users. 

The release date is quite a ways off but for those who are carefully planning the accessories to fit their Samsung S21 smartphone, here are some of the best car mounts to consider. 

Venting It Out For The Samsung S21

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The car vent phone mount is easily the most universal type of mount and if you’re the type of driver that gets easily distracted with something on the windshield then it’s best you get the Simpl Cradle 2.0 360° Dash & Windshield Phone Mount Holder for an easy attachment that won’t bother your windshield view. It offers a safe and secure no-slip grip you can count on. There’s a suction base with a gel pad that ensures your Samsung S21 stays put when you’re driving on those bumpy roads. 

Offering a grip that can extend from 2.1 to 3.9 inches, it’s the mount that can fit the biggest of phones or cases. No need to take off the case or opt to use a smaller phone on the mount during your travels. You can also adjust the arm to pivot 360 degrees for a landscape or portrait view. This will allow you free range to choose any orientation of the Samsung S21 you desire.

Dashboard Car Mount Holder For The Samsung S21

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The dashboard is probably what most people would think of putting their phone mount. It offers perfect leverage and angle without having to obstruct the view too much. The Car Dash Mount Phone Holder -  Simpl Grip is a dashboard mount that you can attach using the 3M adhesive to the plastic part of your dashboard. This tiny mount is universally compatible with all phones and cases. It offers a wide range of motion to let you choose the orientation you need. It’s one-touch button grip helps you put your phone onto the mount with just one hand so with those emergency travels that will need navigation, you’re set. You can talk and drive safely, hands free.

Windshield Mounts For The Samsung S21 

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The most common car mount has got to be the windshield type. However this may depend on the state or area you currently belong to. There are some States in the US and in some parts of Canada that ban windshield mounts. One of the reasons it’s the most preferred is that attaching the base onto glass creates the least bit of problem for removal. 

The Dash & Windshield Magnetic Dash Mount 360° is a versatile mount as it can be attached to either the dash or the windshield. It’s magnetic with 6 Neodymium Magnets to make sure your Samsung S21 stays in place. It’s compatible with cases up to .8mm thick which include the Caseco Sunset Blvd, Bond I Magnetic Wallet Folio, and Bond II Magnetic Wallet Folio Cases. Viewing angles will be optimal whether normal or low.

For some drivers who prefer their devices really up close or possibly people with a smaller phone screen, may opt to get the Flexible Gooseneck Car Dash & Windshield Mount Holder. With a longer 6 inch flexible arm you can have your device much closer to you. A 360 degree pivot will let you use full range of tilt and rotation to make viewing better. The universally compatible cradle can adjust from 58.5mm to 102.5mm allowing your Samsung S21 to fit in perfectly. 

Perfect Pairings For Your Samsung S21 Car Mount Experience

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With your best car mount selection, you’ll definitely need two more things to make the experience more complete. For your charging solutions you can definitely take a look at the  

J48 Car Charger with its dual ports - one Type-C with a power delivery of 30W and a Qualcomm 3.0 fast charger and match it with ultra fast Charge/Sync Cables

Final Thoughts

We encourage and support you to capture every moment while you build memories together by protecting your new Samsung Galaxy S21 with the best cases from Caseco. Also check out our wide range of case collections for Samsung Galaxy S21 plus and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Having that car mount for the Samsung S21 isn’t just smart, it’s necessary. Driving while holding a phone on one hand can be a recipe for trouble. Choose the type of car phone mount that will best suit your needs and your preference. You’ll get to use your Samsung S21 to its full navigational potential.