What Is A MagSafe Wireless Car Charger Mount?

A MagSafe Wireless Car Charger Mount is an accessory designed to provide convenient and efficient wireless charging for MagSafe-compatible Apple devices, including iPhone 14, 13, and 12 series, while securely holding them in place within a vehicle.

How Does It Work?

By utilizing built-in magnets, the mount securely aligns with your device, establishing a stable connection that enables efficient wireless charging. Once attached, your device charges seamlessly while remaining securely in place, making it a practical and hands-free solution for charging and easy access during your car journeys.

Why Choose Mighty Mount?

Because we've gone the extra mile to combine cutting-edge technology with unbeatable convenience. Our MagSafe Wireless Car Charger Mount doesn't just stop at charging; it's all about your driving style. Select your preference – dashboard, air vent, CD slot, or windshield – the mount locks in securely, ready to accompany you on navigation, calls, and entertainment journeys. Experience driving with confidence, armed with a fully charged device, and dive headfirst into the future of driving convenience.