Essential Car Accessories That You Badly Need In 2021

Because of recent advancements in automobile technology, and by incorporating some great car accessories into your routine, you may now be able to make your trip safer, more fun, and more pleasurable than ever before. These accessories are genuinely remarkable because they eliminate the need to buy a new car while still allowing you to experience the best and most recent innovations. Car accessories can do everything from alerting you of a problem with your vehicle to improving its performance and giving it a more modern look.

car dash cradle phone mount

Now, let’s have a look at the fantastic variety of dashboard phone mounts that are ideal for the year 2021:

iPad & Tablet Cup Holder Mount 

Thanks to its built-in viewing platform, you can safely hold your iPad or tablet while driving or waiting in the car.  You can also put it in the cup holder of your car, truck, golf cart, or other vehicles.  In addition, it can be rotated up to 360 degrees and features an adjustable base for the best viewing experience. With its broad compatibility,  it can be used with almost any iPad or tablet, measuring up to 12.9 inches (327.66 mm).

ipad & tablet car cup holder mount phone holder

If you’re worried that the production of this advanced car accessory will have a detrimental effect on the environment, well, don’t be! Its packaging is 100 percent recyclable as it uses paper-based material and soy-based inks. In addition, we strive to create eco-friendly phone cases and car phone mounts and carbon-neutral purchasing experiences that sustainably benefit the environment.

iPad & Tablet Cup Holder Mount with Long Neck

Extra-strength stability ensures that your iPad or tablet is securely held in place when you are driving or waiting in your car. It’s ideal for any vehicle, whether a car, truck, golf cart, or something else. The base’s width is 62 mm (2.44 inches) but may be increased to 84 mm (3.31 inches) to accommodate more oversized cup holders.

long neck ipad & tablet car cup holder phone mount

 A wide range of motion that can rotate up to 360 degrees helps ensure that you have the best possible perspective. You’ll also be pleased with features such as universal compatibility, eco-friendly packaging, environmentally friendly practices, and post-sale donations.

Dash Mount - Simpl Long Magnet 

iPad and tablet wall mounting is made hassle-free with the Simpl Mag Long Rectangular Wall Mount. Your iPad or other tablet devices can be held and supported while driving if placed on a flat surface. In addition, this attachment will keep your smartphone safe, thanks to its strong magnetic force and long-lasting design. Even on bumpy travels, this dash mount won’t come loose or shake.

dash mount simpl long magnet wall mount

 Another great thing about this dashboard car phone mount is that it will not obstruct your view, thereby allowing you to drive more safely on the road. In addition, it shields your phone from scratches and scrapes with its smooth, flawless, and soft rubberized construction. Just remove the mount’s back adhesive and attach it to the vehicle, and you’re good to go. 

Indeed, the multipurpose nature of the Simple Mag wall mount makes it an excellent investment. This handy gadget, which can be used in various ways, can hold keys, phones, iPads, and other magnetic objects securely in place.

Where is the best place to mount a phone in a car? 

It’s always a matter of personal preference when choosing the ideal location to mount your phone in your car. But in case you’re looking for some helpful suggestions, one optimal location where you can mount your phone is the one that feels most handy for you. Here are ideal locations where you can mount your phone in your car:

  • driver’s side window, 
  • rearview mirror or the center dash
  • vents
  • console
  • cup holder. 

It is possible to put your smartphone nearly wherever in your car.  The most essential thing to remember is to choose high-quality dashboard car phone mounts that adequately secure your device.  

What are the features of a phone mount or holder?

If finding an eco-friendly phone case already doesn’t sound like an easy thing to do, so how much more than picking the finest phone holder for your car? That’s why you need to examine the phone mount features closely before making that final purchasing decision. But no need to bother yourself about this because we’ve gathered for you a list that showcases a phone mount or holder:

 Our phone mounts and holders here at Mighty Mount has the following excellent features:

  • Adjustable
  • Compatible
  • Magnetic
  • Wireless Charging
  • Portable
  • Lightweight Design
  • Fixed 

Is using a magnetic phone holder safe for smartphones?

Magnetic phone holders, which are typically made of neodymium magnets, are simple and easy to use. However, since they’ve gotten popular, people have been concerned about whether this helpful device is really safe for their phones. 

If you’re concerned about a magnet damaging your phone, here’s why you shouldn’t be.

  • Display - Devices that do not require a magnetic field to operate are now possible. Magnetic fields can no longer interfere with electrical devices as they used to.
  • Memory - You won’t have to worry about losing any of your data.  Magnets cannot affect your personal information, such as contacts, photos, or emails. This is because memory clips, rather than hard drives, are now used in cell phones.
  • Battery - A lithium-ion battery is a common feature of smartphones and other mobile devices. Using GPS in the automobile while using a magnetic phone mount is usually the cause of lower battery percentages reported by customers after using such a mount.

Key Takeaways

A good car mount is essential to your driving safety. However, it should not divert your attention away from the task at hand - driving a vehicle. From the best dashboard car phone mounts to eco-friendly phone cases, we got you covered! Just keep in mind that even if you have easy access to your phone while driving, you should use it with caution - drive safely and responsibly.