An All-Inclusive Guide For Magnetic Phone Holders

Indeed it is the era of packed schedules, tight deadlines and never-ending work. In such a case, it is no surprise that people use their phones almost every time, even in cars. And the best way to ensure the safety of your precious phone slips in the hands of car phone holders and mounts. They enable you to place your phone right in front of you, leverage GPS, music, and many other applications without worrying about the safety of your device.

A brand innovation in such vital accessories is the magnetic car phone holder. They incorporate a magnetic sticker that you can place on your phone and drop on the mount. Such phone holders utilize magnetic properties instead of any physical clamp to secure your phone and facilitate your communication and work even better. If you wish to explore more about such a promising technology, look no further because you are already on the right spot! Read this all-inclusive guide till the end to get all the answers regarding magnetic phone holders.

Is Using A Magnetic Phone Holder Safe For Smartphones?

Magnetic Phone Holder

Built with cutting-edge technology, magnetic phone holders are one of those pieces of equipment that brings comfort to your fingertips. It usually incorporates neodymium magnets that enable you to secure your phone like never before. However, what if someone tells you to be cautious about using a magnetic accessory around your phone? It will make you think twice because your phone is not only a precious investment and a storehouse of your important data. And indeed, no one wants to risk it. 

The main question raised after such caution is, "do magnets affect your GPS, screen warping, or files vanishing?"  And the answer is absolutely no! The magnets used in magnetic phone holders can't hurt your Smartphone anyhow. However, there are several myths regarding the degrading effects of magnetic phone holders on smartphones, and here we are going to bust such myths with following reasons:

  •     Your Smartphone Isn't Similar To Electronic Devices From Old Times.

The basic doubt about the security of your gadgets or devices placed near a magnet has roots deep in the behaviour shown by old electronic devices that people used to keep back then. Old devices like cathode ray tubes and televisions were highly susceptible to the magnetic fields around them, and once they came in contact with it, the images on their screen used to become distorted or funky. Therefore, most people propagate the idea of magnets harming smartphones in their and others' minds. However, to discover the truth, one must abide by logic. In this decade of technological advancement, the smartphones that we use are made up of IPS LCD screens, AMOLED, and OLED, which prevents any agent and its magnetic field from interfering with the device. Therefore, it is safe altogether to use magnetic phone holders.


  •         Magnetic Phone Holders Use Small Magnets.

Different devices incorporate different types and sizes of magnets as per the requirement. For instance, the type and size of magnet you use for a microwave oven would differ from that of the refrigerator. In the same way, the size of the magnet modified for magnetic phone holder is small and is discrete, which hinders such a magnetic field from interacting with your device.


  •         Your Smartphone Also Contains A Magnet.

Well, it is no hidden fact that various parts of smartphones, including speakers, cameras, vibration modules, etc., contain magnets that work as a vital component to facilitate their working. Also, the apple watch uses magnets to make sure that it is aligned to the charging dock. But the major question is, are the magnets of magnetic phone holders and mounts able to affect the magnets of your Smartphone? Yes, it might be possible. However, only big and powerful magnets can do so, and the small size of magnets used in magnetic phone mounts and holders makes an almost negligible effect for you to worry about. So wipe off all your worries and place your phone on magnetic phone holders to get the best screen view even while driving.


  •         The Cutting-Edge Technology Used In Smartphones Of This Decade

Yes, it is indisputable that smartphones of this age are of top-notch quality. Most of the magnets used in the accessories or devices that we come across in our daily lives are not up to the intensity that can affect the working of smartphones. So all you need to do is to relax! Magnetic phone holders and mounts are some of the best essentials you can get your hands on!


  •         The Position Of Speakers And Protection On Your Screen

The magnetic field of the magnet resent in the mount is in the centre. Contrary to this, your speakers are present near the edges. Therefore the location of your speakers gives you altogether protection, and there is no point for worries. The IPS LCD screens, AMOLED and OLED, do not work with the help of electron beams, and therefore there would be no magnetic interference on your screen if you have placed your phone on the magnetic phone holder.


  •         Your GPS Is Safe

GPS is a vital navigation system that enables locating places and time information using satellite signals. GPS is more dependent on satellite systems rather than geomagnetic forces. Therefore, there is no chance that the small magnets of magnetic phone holders and mount would affect your GPS performance at all.


  •         Your Cell Phone Signal Is Immune To Magnetic Fields.

When you call any of your relatives, your phone transforms the sound waves into radio waves, and these waves reach your relative's phone within milliseconds. Finally, the phone speaker converts the radio waves into sound waves, thus facilitating communication between you and the relative. This quick process elaborates that phone signals have nothing to do with the magnetic field produced by your magnetic phone holder and mount.

Therefore, the problem regarding the safety of your phones while using a magnetic phone holder can be solved by rationalizing and applying basic scientific logic. There would not be any effect of the magnetic field of such a small magnet on your high-tech device. Therefore, it is completely safe to place your phone on a magnetic phone holder or mount while driving in your car.

Which Car Phone Holder Is Preferable, Vent, Dash, Or Windshield?

When it comes to car phone holders, numerous designs and types cater to you according to your specific requirement. Entering the Market without exploring the types and their features is not wise because once you have completed an in-depth exploration, it would be easy to understand which type suits you the best. Here are some of the most prominent features of vent, dash, or windshield car phone holder:

  •         Windscreen Phone Mount

The most eye-catching characteristic of this car mount is its flexibility. Flexible arms are your best companions when placing your mobile screen in the best way possible. Certain windscreen phone mounts also come with a foot to rest the arm on the dashboard. Indeed you will enjoy the ultimate comfort after installing them on the edge of the windscreen. Another merit lies in its easy installation and removal. However, they do cover a larger space because of the downside of suction cup mounts. It won't be an issue with large vehicles, but the screen can be very close to you while driving in small cars with compact cabins. Here are some of the most effective and efficient Windscreen phone mount from Mighty Mount to bridge the gap between you and comfort:


  1.       Flexible Gooseneck Car Dash And Windshield-Simple Cradle

 Flexible Gooseneck Car Dash And Windshield-Simple Cradle

Have you seen creativity in design coupled with top-notch efficiency? If not, then it's time to have a look at the flexible gooseneck car dash and windshield-simple cradle from Mighty Mount. The no slip-grip of cradle feet is so impressive that your phone will be secure even with the fastest driving and worst roads. Moreover, the best feature is yet to come! This car phone holder and mount are compatible with all the phones with an adjustable cradle of 2.1-3.9 inches, making it a one-stop solution for everyone. The adjustable arm delivers flexibility and the suction base with a gel pad that ensures safety on even bumpy roads.


  1.       Car Dash And Windshield Phone Mount

Car Dash And Windshield Phone Mount

To keep your phone handy even when your hands are on steering wheels, you must have a trustable companion because your phone is one of the most precious investments. And you will be more than happy to know that you don't have to go far to find this companion! It is right here at Mighty Mount. Car dash and windshield phone mount offers a one-touch bottom grip, adjustable arm, and everything you need to secure your phone when you use it while driving. The broad view, high flexibility in tilting, super-strong suction base with a gel pad and high-tech efficiency makes car dash and windshield phone mount one of the best Windscreen phone mounts. However, you can also install it on your dashboard.


If you are looking for a smaller alternative to a windscreen phone mount, you must consider an air vent phone mount because they are attached to your car's air vents and cover less space. If your car has a vent with straight and horizontal vanes, nothing can work better for you than an air vent phone mount. However, comparing it to a windscreen phone mount, the position of your screen would be slightly lower in position and might obscure the vent. Also, carrying a heavy phone might cause the vent to pull down, contributing even more to downward positioning. The mighty mount is the best spot you can ever come across to get some of the best Air vent phone mounts. Here are some unique options for you to look at and explore:


1)       Car phone magnetic air vent mount holder

 Car phone magnetic air vent mount holder

When it comes to strong, classy, and effective Air vent phone mount, car phone magnetic air vent mount holder comes second to none. The six neodymium magnets and a broad range of rotation helps you to secure and manipulate the angle of your screen according to the requirement. Also, what comes as an additional boon is its universal compatibility which allows you to use it with different phone models. So if you are planning to change your phone, you don't have to buy a new Air vent phone mount. So get your hands on a car phone magnetic air vent mount holder and enjoy a slip-free grip.

2)       Fast wireless car charger phone mount-10 watt fast charging.

 Fast wireless car charger phone mount-10 watt fast charging

One of the best ways to ditch worries about charging one's phone in the car is to install a car mount or phone holder on the vent. And if you wish to apply this solution and wipe off the troubles, it's time to invest in a fast wireless car charger phone mount-10 watt fast charging from might mount. The 10-watt charging dock is so effective that you have to sit back, relax, and forget about the battery drain. Additionally, it is compatible with all QI-enabled devices. However, the flexibility that allows you to install it on the vent and dashboard makes it the best wireless charging mount for a car.


Unlike the other models of car phone mount, the dashboard phone mount places a strong grip on your car dashboard. The rubber pad helps set this mount easily on the dashboard that does not leave any residue, and is extremely easy to remove. If you are searching for something that helps you suspend your device from the dashboard and keep it apart from both steering and screen to avoid any obscurity, then the dashboard phone mount is all you need. Look no further and explore some of the most brilliant dashboard phone mounts with startling features:


  1. a)       Simple Mount-360 Degree Dash And Windshield Mount

 Simple Mount-360 Degree Dash And Windshield Mount

Simple mount-360 degree dash and windshield mount from Mighty Mount is indeed what you need to facilitate your communication or any work on your phone while your hands are at steering wheels. It incorporates six neodymium magnets of reasonable strength that holds your phone securely without affecting it even a bit. Even if you are driving on bumpy roads or at high speed, there is no chance of your phone dropping. Moreover, the board rotation helps you set the perfect angle every time you need. Apart from such extraordinary features, a cherry on the cake is its suction base with a gel pad that strengthens the mount like nothing else.


  1. b)       Dash And Windshield Magnetic Mount

Dash And Windshield Magnetic Mount

Although it is difficult to find an industrial-strength phone mount equally versatile for your car dashboards, Mighty Mount makes this process extremely smooth. Dash and windshield magnetic mount is an amazing option for you. With six powerful neodymium magnets, make sure that your phone is safest when you use it while driving. Also, the flexibility sits on your fingertips when you get your hands on the dash and windshield magnetic mount by Mighty Mount. The procedure to attach or detach is simple. Using it ensures that you contribute your significant part to mother earth because Mighty Mount uses eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes while coming up with impressive products. Moreover, you will be more than happy to know that this excellent car mount and phone holder comes with universal compatibility. So whether it is your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S22, you can leverage it for every phone model.


  1. c)        Magnetic Car Mounts Simple Touch.

Magnetic Car Mounts Simple Touch

Have you been looking for a wireless car charger mount for your iPhone? If yes, your search ends here! All you need to do to accomplish your goal is invest in a magnetic car mount simple touch by Mighty Mount. It has such an impressive swivelling feature that not only the iPhone but also phones from Samsung Galaxy and other smartphones will be secure altogether. It is a dash mount with six neodymium magnets that ensure the strongest grip while you drive. Magnetic car mount's simple touch from Mighty Mount is compatible with all case-free phones and can even help you if you have a case as thin as 0.8 mm. Moreover, the robust base with 3M adhesive lays the foundation of the best wireless charging mount for the car, even if you are one of the savviest driving champions.

Apart from magnetic car mounts and phone holders, Mighty Mount presents an impressive collection of phone accessories like the best 3 in 1 charger pad, automatic clamping wireless car charger mount, and mophie 3 in 1 wireless charging pad.

Concluding Remarks

Magnetic phone holders and mounts for cars have turned into some of the top-ranking essentials whether you use any smartphone. However, you might get overwhelmed and find it difficult to get the best product with so many options available. But here, at Mighty Mount, your search for cutting-edge magnetic car mounts and phone holders ends because we focus on providing superior quality, higher security, and better customer experience with each passing day.