Car Mount for Truck Drivers

Your phone is no doubt an important part of your workday. However, using your phone while you’re driving can be difficult and even unsafe. The good news? You can now enjoy safer, hands-free use of your phone (and even your tablet!) while in your truck with our premium truck phone mounts! 

For a no-slip grip, our Dash and Windshield Car Phone Holder is a great phone holder you can count on. Featuring a cradle grip and super-strong suction base with a gel pad, this holder secures your phone and ensures that both your mount and phone will stay put even through the bumpiest of roads. With a wide range of tilt and rotation, you can get a perfect view of your screen no matter what your position is.

Our iPad and Tablet Cup Holder Car with Long Neck is perfect for those bigger devices. With an adjustable base, this holder will fit securely in the cupholder of your truck, even if it’s larger than the standard. This cup holder also features extra-strength stability to assure you of a secure viewing platform while you’re driving or waiting in your car. It’s universally compatible so it works with most tablets and iPads up to 12.9 inches.

If you want ultimate flexibility, check out our Flexible Gooseneck Car Dash & Windshield Mount Holder – Simpl Grip. With an adjustable arm, this phone holder for truck drivers allows both normal and low angles from your dash or windshield. You’ll never need to crane your neck to see better!  Smoothly glide in your phone with no fuss with a one-touch button grip that lets you adjust the width of the mount’s grip!

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