What The New Distracted Driving Laws Mean For You- And How to Dodge Them

Ontario, 18th December 2018 

As our phones increasingly become an extension of us- devices so frequently in hand that without them we feel less connected, less knowledgeable, and less powerful without- authorities are racing to figure out how best to protect us from the inherent safety problems we now present to ourselves. 

And so here we arrive at the introduction of new “Distracted Driving” laws, taking effect January 1st, 2019. For anyone who doesn’t know, this means that the stakes are higher than ever for drivers talking or texting with a phone in hand behind the wheel. With police announcing they will no longer let anyone off with a warning, it might be time to pay attention: one offense gets you slapped with a $1,000 fine, with repeat offenders facing up to $3,000 penalties and license suspensions. 

While nobody is thrilled about the possibility of even more tickets on the road, the solution is strikingly simple- and won’t break the bank. Here we meet Mighty Mount, a car accessories brand that offers premium wireless charging phone mounts that have a full range of tilt and rotation so you can stay safe while staying fully connected. (Because God forbid we miss even one status update- isn’t that the number one cause of heart attacks these days?) 

While there are surely a lot of different phone mounts available out there, more than a few of them can do your phone wrong. Reports of magnet mounts screwing with phone functionality, cheaply made charging pads that cause overheating, and just plain poor designs that break down within months left a gaping hole in the market that the creators of Mighty Mount decided to fill.  

The successful long-time industry veterans introduce two-year warranties, high-end neodymium magnets that smoothly cling your phone without heat or issue, and the industry standard QI certification for wireless charging - meaning you can be fully equipped to dodge that $1,000 fine that for a quite affordable price.

 The immense reward for the small (but critical) investment is clear. If you own a car, you should own a Mighty Mount.

 Mighty Mount launches globally at the Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas in January 2019.

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